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Never been to Disney World. How busy will it be? Any tips?


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    Man, this is a late trip to plan if you're talking about this December. But you should be ok. I'll be there that week myself! Get registered on My Disney Experience, link your comp tickets somehow (maybe call and get help?) and start booking your fastpasses.
    DEFINITELY ride Space Mountain, it's like going back in time to 1975. MK is for sure a must do, and Epcot. If you have time, spend a morning at Animal Kingdom, ride the safari ride and Everest. There's lots of "minor" stuff to see/do at AK that most people would use to validate it as a "full day" park, but if you're only gonna have 3 or 4 days, a half day will give you enough time to see thte highlights and spend as much time as you can at Epcot and MK. Seeing the differences between the WDW and DL versions of classic attractions was the major excitement for me on my very first WDW trip (being a born and raised DL former CM local myself). GET UP EARLY, and it will be HARD due to the 3 hour time change. If you're staying on property, the beds are comfy, and getting up at 7am is like getting up at 4am back home. It's hard, but it will be worth it. Rope drop is your mantra. If you rope drop AK, you will be well ahead of the curve even without a single Fastpass. Do Safari first, then ride Everest. Like, 3 times. Then Dinosaur, which will feel eerily familiar to you, because it's the exact same track layout as Indiana Jones!
    Spend at least one evening cruising World Showcase at Epcot, see Illuminations, do a little drinking around the world. The atmosphere is one of a kind especially after dark.
    The bus system is ok, but it does take a lot of time to get around. Plan on one park hop per day. Take the monorail (you have to transfer once at TTC) from MK to Epcot one day to experience that--a FUNCTIONAL monorail system that's more than just a ride!
    Stay on property if you can. If you're cheap like me, try Pop Century. It's like a gaudy Motel 6 but kinda fun. Wish I had about an hour to write up more advice but I hope this helps.
    Have a great time!


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      If you are planning on staying on property, I recommend Pop Century for the value resort hotel. They have their own shuttle bus, so getting to and from the parks/Disney Springs doesn't take extra time for stopping at other hotels.

      After your trip, if you'd like to talk shop about your experiences/comparisons/entertaining anecdotes please feel free to drop me a line. I sincerely hope you have a lovely, magical time.
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        Thanks guys this helped a lot


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          My other dilemma is we had to get a hotel a few miles away because we don't have much money to spend on this trip but I just found out our hotel doesn't have a shuttle to the park. Now I'm assuming the only way to get there is to rent a car and pay $20 parking everyday were there or uber there and back everyday which would probably be just as expensive. Are those really the only two options when staying off site? I'm used to paying 20 bucks at Disneyland just not used to paying it 4 days in a row lol


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            One of my favorite things is to take the ferry boat from MK to the Grand Floridian to see the decor, like the gingerbread house and the giant Christmas tree. Concentrate on seeing things unique to WDW and things DLR doesn't have anymore, like People Mover, Country Bears, Carousel of Progress.


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