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    I am looking at buying tickets with Undercover Tourists. Does anyone have experience with them?

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    Word of advice- only buy Disney tickets through Disney or an authorized reseller (e.g. AAA). Some hotels can also do tickets through the room booking service. Other than that, I would not trust other businesses, especially not ones offering cheap, discounted, or partially used tickets. Orlando has had issues for years with fake, counterfeit and bad tickets, and oftentimes that's what you get through those other businesses.

    Generally you're not going to find cheap or discounted tickets as Disney has absolutely zero reason to offer them, and don't even really give a discount to travel agents. So if you're seeing cheaper tickets, then the first question you should be asking is what is wrong with them.


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      Originally posted by jpals05 View Post
      I am looking at buying tickets with Undercover Tourists. Does anyone have experience with them?

      Undercover Tourist ( is an authorized Disney and Universal ticket seller. I have personally never used them, but they are a legitimate ticket seller and you can get a small discount buying through them.


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        Thanks for the information. I have done a lot of research. They have been selling tickets for 11 years and I feel pretty confident that it will be ok. I just wanted to see about getting some first hand information from anyone out there that has used them before.


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          Good reviews and comments about them over at:

          And on Yelp at:

          so yes, looks like they are legit, but not always as cheap/ convenient as buying from Disney itself, depending on what you are doing. And there are a couple of concerning reviews on Yelp, but it looks mostly positive.


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            The best deals are usually had on tickets greater than 4 days, as the margins on 1,2,3 day passes are thin (Disney gets their money in the first 4 days of a multi day ticket).

            UT is a very reputable dealer. I've bought Disney and Discovery Cove tickets from them with out issue.

            ParkSavers (another good re seller) is having a good sale on 7 day adult/child parkhopper tickets....7 day for the price of 4. The vouchers are good until 12.31.2018 a great way to lock in 2016 sale prices. I bought 4 for our December 2018 Disney trip.

            You can also try The Official Ticket Center re seller. These 3 are the most often recommended re sellers.


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              Resellers are NEVER recommended. Tickets are non-transferable, and if it is assumed that the ticket has been transferred from someone else after previous use that ticket can be completely voided, leaving the person who purchased it out. It is technically illegal to buy/ sell used tickets (though it's rarely enforced for some reason, but it does happen occasionally)

              I've seen more than a few people end up at the gates of Disneyworld with invalid tickets or having Disney void their tickets because they had been someone else's originally, and a vacation ruined because they tried to save a few dollars. Don't ever buy used tickets.

              UT sells new tickets through an arrangement with Disney, so they are not a "reseller." In looking over the reviews, the problems have been with the actual transactions and the timelines in receiving the tickets, things that are not an issue when tickets are purchased through Disney. It's a risk/ reward- do you mind taking the risk of the email/ tickets not being received on time, or there being problems with your purchase being put on hold like some had, and take the chance of not having your tickets before you go, or would you rather spend the $5-10/ ticket you might have saved, buy through Disney, and know that even if your tickets are lost in the mail you can still get them replaced at the gates when you arrive. And not have any worries over whether they are genuine or not.

              There are many things I'm willing to take chances and save money on. Disney tickets are not one of them.


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                Ok maybe "re seller" isn't the term for me to use. How about "Authorized Dealer"?
                In any event, sound like FUD to me.