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Annual pass increase again tomorrow?

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  • Annual pass increase again tomorrow?

    My wife and I were considering renewing our Universal Orlando passes next month. When she called customer service she was told our renewal rates were increasing. She then told the CSR that we might have to consider Disney World instead. His response was that Disney would be raising their prices on December 1st as well. Has anyone else heard this rumor or has it been substantiated in any way? If it's true then we may have been priced out of them as well, having to purchase six passes. Any info, yay or nay, would be helpful.

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    Well usually when Disney does Universal does at the same time so if they are I wouldn't be surprised if Disney did too. Which there wasn't an increase on the Aps yet this year, if I remember correctly. There was just the price change with the tickets and tier pricing done. Which Universal had started up before Disney too. Surprised we didn't see an increase on Aps already though this year. Not like I want to see it happen or think it should but that is just my opinion.
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      I know universal has increased AP prices at least three times this year already. Now they're going the Disney route and adding an additional pass that slots below the power pass. Parking won't be included and it isn't much less expensive than what we paid for preferred passes last year with no blackout dates. Only their seasonal pass matches the blackout dates of disneys silver pass. At least with Disney's silver pass I still get free parking. Oh well, I will have to see how they stack up tomorrow and decide then.


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        If we buy an annual pass, but don't pick it up for a few months will it still be good for that price? Just trying to pay alittle less if I can.
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