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RESTAURANT REVIEW - Be Our Guest: Avoid it before 4pm.


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  • RESTAURANT REVIEW - Be Our Guest: Avoid it before 4pm.

    I just returned from WDW 2 days ago, and I had a great time! I live 45 minutes away from Disneyland, so I frequently visit as an Annual Passholder. There are many differences between the two resorts, specifically at the parks, and one of the biggest absolutely is the quality of the food and the diverse dining options available. The meals in EPCOT were absolutely stand-out, and I cannot wait to return to eat in the Showcases again.

    As soon as we were able to though, we booked a lunch at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, mostly because of the fanfare it had received and everyone telling us to book it the "day it becomes available!" Even on that day, we were only able to book lunch. BEWARE!!! Nobody told us - and it wasn't stated in the App either - that before 4pm, BOG restaurant is only a take-away meal. We saved our table-service meal for the last day, which was the day that we were visiting BOG. Essentially, we wasted a $250 meal on a measly $100 meal that was not worth more than $20! We had to reschedule our reservation to the morning that day, so we ended up there for breakfast.

    Again, we wasted a table-service on a meal that cost $24 a plate...and the food that came out looked like a kids portion! The side of potatoes was literally 3 slices of potato wedge. The eggs looked like 1.5 eggs. The bacon was barely cooked! We expressed our displeasure with one of the Leads at the restaurant, and they agreed and admitted that they know the problems with the restaurant. The only thing she could do was give us all a second plate of the meals we ordered. It was very disappointing. The original meal was the $8.99 meal I can get at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace.

    I wish someone had told me before my trip, and I would assume Disney would have told us...they didn't. So head the warning! I'd suggest only eating there for the dinner which starts after 4pm as a table-service option.

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    I lived in Tampa, FL for 5 years and barely cooked is the way the locals like their bacon. I always had to ask for "crispy" bacon in restaurants (and even then, many didn't understand the concept).


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      I went to WDW back in November of 2016 and my group decided to make reservations at BOG for breakfast and lunch on separate days. We were disappointed both times. We had no idea it was a quick service meal either. Breakfast was ok but not worth the high cost and lunch was such a disappointment. Most of our sandwich meat was so salty we couldn't finish it. We're not ones to complain so we just left our leftovers at the table. Needless to say, the décor is amazing but the food and overall experience wasn't worth it.


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        I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. However, when you go the the restaurant's page on the WDW website, the first thing it says is "Step inside the Beast’s enchanted castle for a delicious quick-service breakfast or lunch—or an unforgettable sit-down dinner." We went in knowing this and had a wonderful lunch. Also, you get to pick where you sit at breakfast and lunch which is nice. At dinner you are assigned a room and table (though you can request a specific area at check in if you are willing to wait.) I recommend the West Wing!


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          Hey I'm normally I'm the DL forum but I wanted to ask you guys here if for lunch quick serve can you just explore the different rooms? I have lunch reservations one of the days I'm there and I'm just curious if they let you check out all the different area within Be Our Guest or do they rather you stay in the dining room you chose?


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            Originally posted by StickyFrenchToast View Post
            Hey I'm normally I'm the DL forum but I wanted to ask you guys here if for lunch quick serve can you just explore the different rooms? I have lunch reservations one of the days I'm there and I'm just curious if they let you check out all the different area within Be Our Guest or do they rather you stay in the dining room you chose?
            You can walk around and check out the other rooms.


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              We weren't too impressed. We found a table in The West Wing and it was cool, but not amazing. Also, so many people are staking out tables in there or posing for pictures around your table, it makes it kind of awkward. We had a family watching us finish our meal for the last 10 minutes because they had to eat in that room. The decor is decent and the effects add a little spice, but compared to the fully immersive Diagon Alley and Hogsmede down the road, it just feels like a pretty Disney cafeteria rather than a real place.

              And the food? As with most of the in-park options at WDW, the food was overpriced, small, and bland.
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                We had lunch there this past summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, I already knew it would be quick service, so perhaps I may have been disappointed had I not known. However, I thought the food was great and the ambiance was incredible. Once we ordered, it was like any other restaurant and they brought the food to us, so we didn't see it as a big deal. We also liked that the cost was less for lunch. However, we weren't on the dining plan, so we may have felt differently if we were.

                No matter where you go, there you are.


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                  Sadly, I think BOG food quality has diminished the last couple years. We had a wonderful lunch there in February, 2016 and the food (turkey sandwiches) was incredible. Our expectations weren't that high after other meals in the parks. Perhaps because so many people use free dining plans, the food and service have both been on the decline throughout the past several years (they already have your $ so don't need to take as much care with either food or service). The reason I say that is because when we went again on our 15th wedding anniversary, we had horrible service, the food was terrible, and the only thing that made the visit worthwhile was the decor (the restaurant is gorgeous and we ate in the room with Belle & Beast--not sure what it's called but it has comfy booths and all the portraits too). Sadly, we had a reservation for dinner for that trip but cancelled it because we didn't think it would be worth dining there twice. Had we known how bad lunch has deteriorated, we would have kept our dinner reservation (same day).

                  As others have said, if you can get a reservation for dinner, it looks great. We were still there while they were setting up and the way the room is set up for the evening is so much better than daytime. And you get to meet Beast.


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