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    Recently, I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour at the Magic Kingdom. For any of you who have ever taken the tour, you know that there is a lot of time for questions. Someone asked about the future of the Universe of Energy pavilion, which the tour guide answered with he didn't know much but whatever they build there, will have to be contained within the original building, because a sinkhole has formed somewhere on the site. If this is old news and widely known then disregard this post, but to my knowledge, I don't remember seeing anything about it. I know this is similar to the rumor of Horizons demise, but I thought it was unique enough to bring up in conversation. If Disney is planning on doing something with Universe of Energy in the near future, they will have this problem to deal with. (Not that they aren't experts with dealing with sinkholes.) Who knows, they may have to tear the whole attraction down, just like Horizons. Im sure way less people will be upset about it though.

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    The latest rumor is that Universe of Energy will get replaced with a Guardian of the Galaxy ride. The rumor is that it will use the existing show building. I generally take the sink hole rumors with a grain of salt. Sink holes are definitely a problem in Florida, but I think this is often used as an excuse or simply an urban legend. I think this was the case with Horizons.


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      Very interesting, thanks for sharing looking at aerial photos energy looks very big so I guess if it is an issue there is still plenty of room t build something good 😀