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Made an homage to ToT in the form of a roller coaster, and Mark Silverman voiced it!

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  • Made an homage to ToT in the form of a roller coaster, and Mark Silverman voiced it!

    Hey everyone! A while back, I originally posted this over in the Disneyland forum, however I feel fans of WDW's ToT might appreciate this a tad bit more. I asked if it was okay and nobody said no, so if I'm braking any forum rules, I apologize in advance.

    I've been a long time lurker on these forums, new poster though. I have something many of you might enjoy! As we all know, DCA's Tower of Terror lost the Twilight Zone earlier this month. Because of this heartbreaking decision, I decided to spend 5+ months creating The Twilight Zone: Terror Tracks, an homage to Tower of Terror in the form of a roller coaster. I even got Mark Silverman, the REAL Tower of Terror voice actor, to do the voice for my simulation! My goal was to pay respects to the Hollywood/Twilight Zone theme while still having an original attraction. So, instead of a hotel/elevator, the ride is themed to an underground subway system! We even went through the trouble of filming our own version of the preshow. While watching the video, I'm sure you'll find many similarities and inspiration from both DCA and WDW's Tower of Terror.

    Check out the video here:

    I've also attached a few pictures if you'd like to look at those.

    I'd love to know what you all think!

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    Wow, totally and thoroughly impressed. You did an incredible job with that.


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      That was awesome !