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WALT DISNEY WORLD & DISNEY CRUISE...any tips for 1st timers? :)

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  • WALT DISNEY WORLD & DISNEY CRUISE...any tips for 1st timers? :)

    My husband and I just booked our first Walt Disney World trip and first Disney Cruise trip for our honeymoon in May 2017. Any tips you can give us?

    out wedding cake topper us <3
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    First of all congratulations! It's really cool you are both doing this for the first time together. Pack sunscreen, always go left when at all possible, and HAVE FUN! haha but Seriously, did you have any questions in particular? Maybe it'll be easier for us to give you a good response! Really happy for you guys!
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      Sorry to respond so late. We're doing the same in April (15 day Panama Canal cruise.) If you'd like to PM me, I can answer any questions you have about the parks, the ships, the ports and the transportation between everything.
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        Please post a trip report! A Disney cruise is on the short list for my daughter's senior trip. We would like to do a cruise followed by a couple day at the parks.


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          I've never taken the Disney Cruise, but my wife and I honeymooned in WDW a couple of decades ago. If you've never been to WDW it could be overwhelming. Remember, you can't see it all. Don't try. You need to pace yourselves. Rushing too much through Walt Disney World is like eating a really, REALLY rich dessert WAY too fast.
          That said, you still want to see as much as you can. So don't plan on sleeping late. Get to each park BEFORE opening. Then hit the biggest lined attractions first thing. Talk to the experts here about what rides have the worst lines all day. Of course, get your fast passes ASAP! Figure out what is most important to you, and plan around those. Remember, some attractions really don't need fast passes. And if you get there at opening, you won't need fastpasses for many attractions.
          Since you are going on the cruise/land package (it sounds like) you should qualify for Extra Magic times at the parks. Talk to a Disney travel consultant about how to take advantage of this.
          More advice is spend as much time as you can reasonably afford there. I hate going for less than a week, since there's so much to see and do. I also find that a longer stay allows me to slow down and savor my visits more. Of course, there are financial realities that could dictate how long you can actually stay.

          Also, make sure they know you're on your Honeymoon. Get matching Honeymoon buttons, or Mouse Ears that look like a bridal veil or something. It's really fun and the extra attention you'll get is nice.

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