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Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights! (Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom)

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  • Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights! (Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom)

    If the Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Florida, They Have Re-Acquired their Original Floats from Hong Kong Disneyland (Who Didn't Want them in the First Place) Which was in Storage More than 12 Years. Either that, The Original WDW Floats of Main Street Electrical Parade Could Rebuilt by Starch. (Since I Didn't Hear about HKDL Not Using them and Dump them Somewhere).

    Floats (from the Original 1977-1991 WDW Main Street Electrical Parade)
    Blue Fairy Unit
    Casey Junior, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy
    Toys Soldiers from Babes in Toyland
    Alice in Wonderland (Mushroom with Butterfly and Ladybug, Snails, Mushroom with Alice and Cheshire Cat, Fireflies, Mushroom with Butterfly and Frog, Turtles and Centipede)
    Cinderella (Pumpkin Coach, Ballroom and Clock Tower)
    Dumbo's Circus (Hippo and King Leonidas' Calliope, Four Ring Circus with Dumbo and Clowns, Bear Balancing on Barrels and Elephant Bathing)
    Pete's Dragon (Elliot the Dragon)
    Honor America (Taken from the California Version of MSEP)

    New Floats (WDW Revival Edition Same Models as the Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade)
    Descendants (Auradon Prep with Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos)
    Tangled (Rapunzel's Tower with Rapunzel and Flynn)
    Beauty and the Beast
    Winnie the Pooh

    Should We have Don Dorsey Return to Make Classic Arrangements as It was in 1977 or Have Tokyo's Dreamlights Redub Music? (I Like Both Scores)

    Fun Facts
    Mickey and Minnie Mask from Shanghai Disneyland will be Used.

    Opening Announcement (Jack Wagner Version)
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Walt Disney World proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination. In thousands of sparkling lights, and electro-synthe-magnetic musical sounds: the Main Street Electrical Parade!"

    Closing Announcement (Jack Wagner Version)
    "Walt Disney World's Main Street Electrical Parade!"
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