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Joe's WDW Trip Report, plus Ian gets his very first haircut at the Harmony Barbershop

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  • Joe's WDW Trip Report, plus Ian gets his very first haircut at the Harmony Barbershop

    The Flowers family is off on their next adventure! It's been nearly a year since we were at WDW and there's a specific reason we're headed back. We'll get into those reasons in more detail a little bit later.
    Waiting for our plane, Ian said Mommy you can share my seat.

    One person who won't be sharing a seat today is Alli. Even though she's under 2, she's got her very own seat! And it was a completely full flight, so I was very happy to have a space all for her.

    Snack in one hand, big hold on Duffy, and watching Doc McStuffins. How can it get any better?

    What's this? Snacks! Alli was quick to grab something as soon as it was in range.

    4 hours on a plane will wear anybody out.

    Hanging out in Nashville while we wait for our next plane.

    Finally in Orlando! Here's our first ride. The train from the gates to the main terminal, and we have a front row seat!

    Look at that mop of hair on Ian.

    Look who is waiting for us! It's the cousins!

    Hi Ethan!

    When you fly from one coast to another, the entire day is shot. We left at 8am from Los Angeles. All of us stopped for dinner at 8:30pm in Florida at Chick-Fil-A.
    We placed our order and saw that they offered something called the "Family Challenge." They give you a small box, you put all your cell phones in it and then enjoy your meal without any distractions. Once you're done, you return to the counter and each person who put their cell phone away gets a free ice cream cone!

    With 3 cousins who each have a cell phone, and 3 adults, there was more than enough ice cream to go around. Look at that smile.

    Finally after a long day, we've arrived at the house we're renting.

    Let's go in the pool! Doesn't even feel how cold it is, just jumps right in.

    And Alli wasn't far behind.

    Well even though you're coming from California, it's time to get to bed kids. We've got a big day tomorrow.

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    Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report

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    Well at this point there's no denying it. This boy needs a haircut.
    He's over 3 years old and hasn't ever had a haircut. About 6 months ago Theresa and I were discussing it and I mentioned that because of our love of Disney it'd be fun if he could get his first haircut the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I called and made reservations back in January, and there you go, that's the reason for our trip.

    Coming from the west coast, I made his haircut reservation for 10am. Even that late it was still difficult with the 3 hour time difference to wake up and get to the park on time.

    Someone is excited for the day. That and he loves the parking lot tram.

    Upon entering the turnstiles, we had to exchange our paper tickets for plastic ones with RFID inside them. The cast member who came over to help us looked awfully familiar. Within a couple seconds I remembered. All the way back in 2012, Ruston, Jacob, Theresa and I were visiting WDW and took the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Nicholas was our guide! Small world after all.

    Hi horse!

    And look who is waiting for us. T's family came out early just to watch Ian get his hair cut.

    After checking in at 10am, there was a short wait for a chair to open up. Soon enough, Barber Diane had Ian up in her chair and was covering him in Mickey Mouse stickers.
    In the weeks leading up to getting his haircut, Ian seemed a little nervous. He constantly said "Mommy, I want to hold your hand." and with a super serious face "Mommy, I'm going to cry when I get my hair cut." All the family was very encouraging in the weeks leading up to his haircut.
    All those stickers from Diane were helpful to make him feel relaxed.

    And following the stickers was a light-up toy. He dropped Mommy's hand pretty quick to play with it. With all the "first haircuts" they've done here, I'm sure they've got lots of techniques to make the kids feel at ease.

    Ian's got an entourage surrounding him.

    Videos are fun to watch too. There's 2 other chairs, and the crying you hear is coming from them. Ian was a little startled when the clippers came out, and the blow dryer, but quickly settled down.

    Ian enjoyed the attention.

    And enjoyed playing with the toy.

    In the end, he was perfect! Nice work Ian!

    When I made the reservations, I chose the "Baby's First Haircut" package. For $25 you get the haircut, a certificate, and a pair of mouse ears with "My 1st Haircut" on the back. A Child's haircut is $18 regularly so for $7 extra you get the mouse ears. In the end, the whole thing lasted about 8 minutes.

    Very handsome.

    For doing so good, he got another stack of stickers.

    And Alli wasn't left out either. She got a bunch of stickers too.

    Very cute Ian.

    Looks like a little boy now.

    The back looks much more cleaned up now.

    Really happy we came here for Ian's first haircut.

    I made sure to tell them ahead of time that we would like some clippings of Ian's hair. They had little bags and put his hair in there plus a few more stickers.

    Time to start our day at the Magic Kingdom! First stop...

    Starbucks! While we waited in line, Ian's new haircut got a bit of attention.

    Now that we're caffeinated we're ready to start our day! Let's hit some rides!

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    Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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      Great pics of a boy's first haircut. My grandson got a haircut back in 1997, when he was four. It wasn't his first, but it was during his first trip to WDW. He did not get "Mouse Ears", but he got a certificate. The Barber Shop was in a different location back then. In fact, the Barber that cut his hair cut mine a few years back. I also love getting my hair cut at the Barber Shop. They always do an excellent job.

      Looking forward to more of your trip report.


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        As always, a great trip report! Ian and Alli are so lucky to be able to grow up in such a Disney oriented family! It's amazing how much they've grown in just the few months since I've seen them.

        Of course, you realize you need to get back to Walt Disney World for Alli's first haircut, or you'll never hear the end of it.

        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
          As always, a great trip report! Ian and Alli are so lucky to be able to grow up in such a Disney oriented family! It's amazing how much they've grown in just the few months since I've seen them.

          Of course, you realize you need to get back to Walt Disney World for Alli's first haircut, or you'll never hear the end of it.
          Oh for sure. We'll see if we have to wait 3 years or not to do it!
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          Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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            After getting Ian's first hair cut this morning at the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street, it was time to start going on rides! Why yes, we can squeeze 8 people into a People Mover car.

            Going to Disneyland in California so frequently, I was happy to go on some rides that we don't have out there. The line for the People Mover backed up quite a ways, but at least there's some fun music to keep us entertained. And boy does this family love music.

            The kids enjoyed it. Even mini-Space Mountain.

            The park is already starting to get really busy. The Standby wait for Buzz Lightyear is over an hour. Good thing we made Fastpass+ reservations! In the beginning, I certainly had my concerns over the whole idea of making fast pass reservations months in advance and losing some of the spontaneity of the day. After this trip though, I'm a believer.

            Looks like they had fun.

            Go get a picture with Zurg Ian! You know, I remember years ago when the bars were spaced a bit further apart and you could actually stand inside with Zurg.

            Yep, that was a few years ago. All the way back in 2010, us and a bunch of friends came out to Florida. Jacob, T, and I went to the Mickey's Halloween Party too!

            Back to the present. Ian getting a little help from Ethan to make a pressed penny. Ian's standing on his tip-toes to help turn the crank.

            Pretty proud of his new penny.

            It always surprises me when I learn some of the family haven't been on some of the classic rides. Even though it could use an update, I still enjoy the Carousel of Progress. We have to stay behind the yellow line while we wait. Alli hearing that, and then pointing out the yellow line to us.

            First timers.

            Alli, let me know if you see a doggie.
            Once we slide into the next scene, Alli starts pointing and saying Woof Woof!
            Afterwards we were singing There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. It'll probably enter the rotation of songs we sing together before bedtime now.

            Alli was ready for a nap, which meant it was time for me to put on the Ergo. She's just more comfortable falling asleep in that compared to the stroller. Helps us keep the whole party together too. Looking for things with short lines, we found ourselves waiting for the Mad Tea Party.

            Ian enjoyed seeing the mouse popping out of the tea pot in the middle. We don't have that back home.

            For some reason, Rita and Theresa decided to bail. That meant that all of us, including Alli, got to squeeze into one tea cup.

            I have no idea why Rita and T wouldn't want to join us.

            It didn't take long after that for Alli to wake up, and as soon as she saw the carrousel, she started saying "Pweese, Pweese, Pweese." Of course Alli.

            Always an enjoyable ride on the carrousel.

            Next it was time to redeem another Fastpass+ reservation. Winnie the Pooh is a favorite back home. Of course we had to see it here at WDW.

            Ian asked why it was different.

            Pretty slick that you exit right into the gift shop. And look at all these stuffed animals. How could these kids resist?

            Alli was happy to grab a Winnie the Pooh.

            And another.

            In the end, I think she had 5 stuffed animals in a big hug. Luckily for T and I, she was okay when it was time to say goodbye to them.

            Ian's grandparents gave him some money to spend on a treat while he was at the park. Suckers are one of the favorites right now, so when he saw them, he was quick to ask for them.

            Good sharing with your sister.

            With a few minutes to go before the next Fastpass+ reservation, all of us jumped in line to see some characters.

            "She bit it!"
            While Ian actually licks his suckers, Alli has learned that she can eat it faster if she bites and crunches it. So when Ian offered her some of his, she was quick to take a bite off it.

            Hi Daisy!

            I had to hold Alli back while we waited our turn to see Minnie.

            Kisses for Minnie.

            Time for one last ride before lunch. Ian saw this ride and immediately said he wanted to ride Gadget's Go-Coaster. They don't have that here buddy. This is Goofy's Barnstormer. "They call Gadget's Go-Coaster Goofy's Barnstormer?" Guess so Ian. Using our Fastpass+ we bypassed the 40 minute standby line and walked right on.

            And of course he loved it!

            Let's ride that again!
            Maybe Ian. Right now it's lunchtime and we've got reservations somewhere! And unfortunately, we're going to be late! Good thing everyone else is there already. Time to run!
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            Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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              THANKS for sharing your excellent trip report, mre200200!


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                Looking forward to the rest of the trip report Joe!
                -Brian - Find me on Facebook


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                  When we last left our group, Ian and I were rushing from a ride on Goofy's Barn Stormer and trying to meet up with the rest of our group. We're all doing character dining at the Crystal Palace!

                  Lots and lots of food. Alli got a variety of things to try.

                  I think Ian enjoyed the barbecue sauce more than the actual chicken nuggets.

                  Who is that sneaking up behind you Alli?

                  It's Eeyore!

                  Both kids were happy to get down and give Eeyore a great big hug.

                  Next up was Tigger.

                  Dessert time! Of course they eat that better than the real meal.

                  I found these fun bee treats at the dessert bar.

                  Ian just wanted to eat the bees off the top.

                  And speaking of bees, our favorite honey loving bear was the next to come for a visit. Ian told him "You're the third one we've seen. First was Eeyore. Second was Tigger. And you're three." Pooh was impressed and gave him a big hand.
                  Alli loves Pooh and gave him a really big hug.

                  And Alli had to give him a kiss before he left.

                  It's Piglet! Back home at Disneyland, we can find Pooh and Tigger pretty regularly back in Pooh Corner. Eeyore comes out for a visit too. But Piglet is more rare.

                  In the end, the kids enjoyed meeting the characters. The food was alright, but not great. Typical buffet food. For $45/person, now that I've seen it, I don't think I'd go again. There's other places to explore, like Cinderella's Royal Table, and the Be Our Guest restaurant.

                  Time to hit our next Fastpass.

                  Walking through Liberty Square, Ian saw the Muppets performing in the windows. Wish we had time to watch the show, but we're pushing the end of the return time for our Fastpass.

                  it's a small world! It's been closed most of the day today, so I was really happy to see it open when our Fastpass time came due.

                  This is the WDW version. It's a little different than the one we have back home. Different scenes, and a different ride system. Instead of riding in a flume back home, here you are completely surrounded by water.

                  And before we get too far into it, I look back and see that Ian's asleep. All the excitement of the day has finally caught up with him.

                  Just a quick catnap though. Because as soon as we were done, it was time to head to a staple of every visit back home. The Enchanted Tiki Room! We enjoyed the show of course, but I did miss a few of the changes. During "Let's all sing like the birdies sing" back home they invite everyone to sing along. Ian loves belting it out at the top of his lungs. At WDW they don't invite everyone to sing along.

                  With all the "must-do" rides completed, it was time to see what has a short line. The People Mover was an obvious choice.

                  And since we'd used our 3 Fastpass reservations, I was able to get another Fastpass. Autopia was available almost immediately!

                  Alli was just tall enough to ride! I tried to help steer, but she's already pretty independent. She'd push my hand away if I took over too much.

                  Once we used that Fastpass, we could immediately get another one. Ian really wanted to ride Goofy's Barn Stormer again, and it was available immediately.

                  Usually I ride with Ian and I'll give him a little protection from the bumpiness of the ride. I'll put my arm between him and the side. When Ian said he wanted to ride with Ethan I forgot to give him that warning.

                  And after the first big turn, Ian quickly bonked his head against the side.

                  Despite the bonked head, Ian still wanted to ride again. Not today buddy. It's about time to head home.

                  One last check of the Disney World app and it showed Winnie the Pooh had fast passes available. Everyone grabbed one and it was time for our last ride of the day.

                  We've been remiss in getting a group picture in front of the castle. Just one quick photo and then it's time to head home.

                  It was a very eventful day today with Ian's first haircut, a visit to the Crystal Palace for lunch, and a whole bunch of rides. Thankfully tomorrow is a down day at the house.
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                    It's really nice to have a whole house to ourselves. For those days off, we can swim in the backyard pool, sunbathe, and just take it nice and slow.

                    It seemed like the kids spent the entire day in the pool!

                    Those pool squirter toys Donald bought have been a big hit. Ian sneaking up behind Austin and squirting him with water.

                    Alli also wanted to get in on the squirting action.

                    Time for a sucker break!


                    All that playing wore Ian out. After dinner, we drove to Disney Springs to explore, and Ian fell asleep on the car ride.

                    Alli was awake though. And happy for the attention.

                    New to us, even though it's been here for almost a year, is Amorette's Patisserie.

                    Alli was having a hard time deciding what she wanted.

                    Next, the girls took her shopping. So much to see inside the World of Disney store.

                    That hat does look good on you Alli.

                    It wasn't look before she found herself a Shellie May.

                    What's this?

                    A Mickey bar? Better taste it.

                    Shellie May, you taste it. Does it taste like chocolate to you?

                    Okay, after that little trick, it was time to get some real chocolate. Good thing the Ghirardelli Ice Cream shop is right next door and always giving out free samples.

                    Ian was starting to wake up, but hasn't quite got there yet. I'm sure he wouldn't be eating the chocolate wrapper if he was really awake.

                    Oh boy. Looks like Alli is as happy as a kid in a candy shop.

                    Goofy's Candy Kitchen has so many tasty treats.


                    If it has sprinkles, that's what Ian wants.

                    And that's all he wants, the sprinkles. Alli was the beneficially of the cake pop once Ian finished cleaning off the sprinkles.

                    Always have to check out the Art of Disney store while we're here. I thought the Disneyland sign was pretty neat, and Ian liked the Enchanted Tiki Room sign.

                    Getting some stickers from the nice cast member.


                    Wow, apart from our trip to Tokyo Disneyland, that's the biggest Duffy I've seen. I bet the kids would love to take him home with us.

                    Some very cute Duffy bunnies for Easter coming up.

                    It's really great having a down day during a Disney vacation. On the days we go to the park, we go hard, so the relaxing day that follows is very welcome.
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                    Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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                      I'm sure like most of you, I really hate seeing unfinished trip reports. Better get mine finished!

                      After a relaxing day at the rental house yesterday, today it was time to head back into the parks. First up is the Animal Kingdom! We had the best intentions to be there at park opening but it was hard to get moving, and we go there almost an hour after opening. I'd hoped to go on Kilimanjaro Safaris first, but without a Fastpass, and the line showing an 80 minute standby time already, that wasn't happening. Instead, we were one of the first in line for the Wilderness Express train back to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

                      Ian said "The train is working?" Good memory buddy, but this isn't like our train back home at Disneyland. Our train has been down for a long time now while Disneyland works on building Star Wars Land.

                      Being the first train of the day, we were greeted by all the cast members waving to us at the train station.

                      Rafiki pointing the way.

                      Alli was happy for the open space and room to run.

                      Again we were greeted by cast members as we entered.


                      Learning about a bird.

                      One of the kids newest favorites. A doctor who talks to and plays with stuffed animals all day? What's not to like about Doc McStuffins?

                      Low five.

                      Inside the tanks there were all sorts of interesting creatures. Frogs, lizards, snakes, insects, and yes, even spiders!

                      One of the main things we came to see was the veterinary checkups performed here in the morning. We'd seen earlier there was a pig that was supposed to come this morning, so we found things to do until it was time. Even then, it took a while for anything to happen.

                      When they finally brought the pig out, it was only to the back room where we could only see things happening on the monitor. Let's go see some other animals!

                      Like Rafiki! He was really animated with all the groups of bigger kids before us. But he calmed right down when it was time for the kids.

                      Big kisses for Rafiki before we go.

                      Time to go pet some animals.

                      I miss having the petting zoo in Frontierland back at Disneyland. At 16 months, Alli already knows her animals pretty good. "Goat!"

                      She was standing by the fence calling "Piggy! Piggy!"

                      Eventually one of them came close enough to the fence that she could stretch her hand through the fence and pet it.

                      Ian too.

                      "Moo Moo!" We're still working on the word Cow.

                      Ian asked to be picked up so he could stretch far enough to pet the cow's head and horns.

                      Waving at the monkeys before we take off.

                      This was just a quick visit to the Animal Kingdom this morning. The rest of our day is going to be at Epcot. Time to head that way and meet the rest of the family.

                      Which means a tram back to the car.

                      And then a drive to the Ticket and Transportation Center to take the Monorail into Epcot!

                      Off we go!

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                      Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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                        After spending the morning at the Animal Kingdom, we were all meeting up with the rest of the family at Epcot. Been a long morning for Ian already apparently though.

                        That meant he missed a visit with Daisy. But Alli was the last in line to get to see her, so she got a little bit of extra time with her.

                        And after a visit to Club Cool, Ian was still out. Alli enjoyed trying the different kinds of soda. I think her favorite was the Frosty Melon.

                        With 3 fast passes to choose from today, the first stop was to meet some characters. Never gets old.

                        Alli is a little kissing machine. Sees a character, gives a kiss.

                        Goofy was the next stop.

                        Followed by Minnie. Nice to have all the characters lined up here to meet them all at once.

                        For our second fastpass, T and I decided to split up. She took the kids off to ride Nemo, while I had my very first experience with the updated Test Track!

                        I got to design my very own car, with different performance characteristics. High power, high speed, and low efficiency. This is a thrill ride after all.

                        Screaming along the track outside on those banked turns is pretty awesome.

                        I found Theresa and all the rest of the crew hanging out at Club Cool again. How can you say no to free soda? Ian thought it tasted fuzzy.

                        Time for a very late lunch/early dinner, all together.

                        After trying for a couple weeks, I was able to get reservations for 3 different groups of 4 right around 2:30pm.

                        Speaking with the front counter, they'd be able to see all three of our groups together, just give them 20 minutes.

                        While we waited, we enjoyed the beauty of the Canadian pavilion at Epcot.

                        Not far away, Ian and his cousins found a Kidcot Fun Stop, where the could color a Duffy bear.

                        Twenty minutes stretched on and on. After 35 minutes or so, someone came out and told us that there was a party who had finished eating, and was just hanging out at the table. And so, we wait.

                        And took group pictures.

                        Finally 45 minutes later, a cast member came out to grab us.

                        Everyone was excited to finally try the cheddar beer soup that T and I have been raving about.

                        In the end, we didn't order any entrees, but instead had 10 bowls of cheese soup, 2 orders of smoked mac and cheese, 1 order of truffle fries, 3 orders of the signature poutine, and 2 orders of the Montreal (poutine with brisket, slaw, etc). Bring on the carbs!

                        Alli ate up her kids meal sirloin, while Ian picked at his Mickey pasta.

                        Food coma for Alli? Nope, just her latest nap ever.

                        Epcot sure is pretty. Getting prepped for the International Flower and Garden Festival.

                        Using the last of our 3 fast passes of the day at Theresa's favorite ride ever. The Land!

                        We've told Ian about the alligators in Florida and he really wanted to see them. I thought we'd see a couple different ones on this ride. First, these fake ones here in the rainforest.

                        Then after making our way through the greenhouse...

                        I was thinking we'd see a tank of them off to the right. But that's been replaced with catfish now. Only fake alligators for this trip Ian.

                        After using our three fast passes, we're free to reserve more. Immediate fast passes were available for Nemo, so the entire group was off to the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

                        Watching the manatees.

                        Ooh. Jellies.

                        Totally got to talk with a turtle with Crush.
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                        Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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                          After going to see Turtle Talk with Crush, it was time to start winding down our day at Epcot.

                          Theresa and I took the kids on Spaceship Earth, while the rest of the family were able to snag last minute fast passes for Soarin! I'm liking this WDW version of the fastpass system more and more!

                          Alli and I getting to see what will be in our future.

                          Another thing it we be really nice to have back home at Disneyland. Club Cool! Getting to sample 8 different sodas from all around the world would be fantastic! Plus it's free!

                          Ian still thought those drinks were fuzzy.

                          I think the dancing Fountain of Nations would be pretty great to have back home too.

                          There's time for just one more ride before we have to think about heading home. Off to The Land!

                          The greenhouse portion of The Land really has a different feel at night.

                          I made the entire group stop for a picture at the entrance.

                          As we were finishing, suddenly a monorail started coming around the big Epcot loop. The entire group took off, running out of the park and up the ramps, just beating the monorail to the station and ready to head back to the ticket and transportation center.

                          It looks like she's had a pretty good day.
                          Arriving back at the cars, I did a quick shuffle with the car seats, moving them into Donald's car, and then left the family to head back into the parks!

                          Austin, Ethan, and I are all set to close down the Magic Kingdom! Using a last minute fastpass, we were able to snag a quick ride on Space Mountain.

                          And while we were in line for that, was able to get another fastpass so we could all ride again!

                          I've been wanting to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at WDW for the longest time. Each time I've tried in the past, all the fast passes have been gone, and the wait time for the standby line has shown upwards of 150 minutes! That's crazy! Lucky for us, we had a fastpass waiting for us. Finally I get to ride!

                          The ride was cute. Nowhere near worth waiting 150 minutes for, but if I had a fastpass available for it, I'd definitely ride again. I always hope for a few more thrills with my rides, but the Mine Train was pretty tame.

                          Finishing our ride on the Mine Train, we only had 15 minutes before the park closed. I can think of no better way to finish a night than by getting soaked and walking back to the car with squeaky shoes. Splash Mountain it is!

                          And Splash didn't disappoint. I love seeing all the effects that we don't have in the Disneyland version, and all three of us ended up with some part of our clothing soaked.
                          Once we'd got back to the ride platform, I had hoped we might be able to squeeze in one more ride, but if was just after 11pm and the cast members had already closed the queue. So, last ride...?

                          Nope! As we were making our way to the entrance, we walked past the entrance to pirates. Seeing as how it was 11:10 surely they'd be closed, right? Wrong! There was a cast member and the entrance, and when we casually said "You're closed, right?" she replied "Nope, go on it." Sweet!

                          Pirates is a little more eerie when all the boats ahead of you and behind you are completely empty! It reminded me of the exact same experience that Theresa and I had years ago at Disneyland Paris. It was the end of the night and we were the only ones on that version of Pirates too.

                          Awesome time fellas.

                          After grabbing coffee from the Starbucks on Main Street, and then Taco Bell on the way home, you'd think it'd be time for bed, yes? Instead the three of us stayed up last and watched a James Bond movie, not getting to bed until 2:30am.
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                          Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report


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                            It's our last day in Florida.
                            After cleaning up the house, all of us headed into Disney Springs. Our flights out tonight aren't until 6pm, so we've got most of the day ahead of us.

                            The kids certainly have enjoyed hanging out with their cousins.

                            Beautiful blue waters here in Disney Springs.

                            Know the backstory of how the water came to be here? I didn't, but just last week when I was at Minnie's Moonlit Madness at Disneyland this trivia question came up.

                            So I knew that when I was at Disney Springs the next week, I better take a look for it.

                            Looks like an Archimedes screw to me!

                            We're still on vacation, so it's fine if we want to ruin our lunch with a little bit of dessert first. T is a fan of the premium cupcake shop Sprinkles,

                            There's certainly lots of cupcakes to choose from. I wonder which one Ian would like...

                            The one with sprinkles of course! And forget eating that cake stuff. He's here for the frosting and all those delicious sprinkles.

                            Alli enjoyed her half of the cupcake too.

                            Actually everyone enjoyed their cupcakes.

                            I guess when you're cute, the DVC sales people give you a whole stack of Mickey stickers.

                            This entire trip, we have really lucked out on the weather. We'd prepared for the usual afternoon thunderstorms each day, but not once was our day in the parks affected by rain. At Disney Springs though, the skies started pouring on us. Everyone made a dash for cover. I made a dash for the Splitsville bowling alley while pushing the stroller. The kids have covers that would keep them dry, except that Ian loves the water and kept pushing it back so he'd get wet.

                            Bowling sounds like fun to everyone in the group, but with the front counter telling us the wait was at least 45 minutes for a lane, we knew we had to figure out something else to do. Instead, we headed to the nearby town of Celebration to get some delicious ice cream from Kilwins.

                            While T and I go for the toasted coconut every single time, Ian prefers the superman ice cream.

                            Yeah, he really loves it.

                            Before long, it was time to head to the airport. Getting their last ride in on the airport tram.

                            Happy once again to have his own seat.

                            But it wouldn't take him too long to fall asleep on his cousin.
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                              Always sad to come to the end of a Disney trip. At least with you guys, it's a sure thing you'll be back again before you know it!

                              No matter where you go, there you are.