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If I Were In Charge this is what I would do....

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  • If I Were In Charge this is what I would do....

    If I ran Disney World this is what I would do

    The Jungle Cruise is a bit outdated when you consider the technology currently available. First, I would relocate it to the Animal Kingdom, which is is a perfect fit and clearly needs more attractions (although Pandora will help a lot). The new version would be state of the art. That would free up space to greatly expand the Pirates of the Caribbean, which was an afterthought when the park was opened which explains why it is a much smaller attraction (lack of space) than its California counterpart. But I would change it to replicate the new Shanghai version that is miles beyond the U.S. versions (if you haven't seen the POV video you should). This would also free up space for another fantastic Shanghai attraction, Mystic Manor (POV also available). which perfectly fits the theme of Adventureland. Finally, while I know that Dinosaur in the Animal Kingdom is a re-skinned Indiana Jones which probably ended up in the Animal Kingdom because they were desperate for AK attractions and there was no room in the Magic Kingdom for IJ, but with my idea, there would be. So in summary, the MK loses the Jungle Cruise to the AK but gains an incredible new PofC, Mystic Manor, and IJ and Adventureland does need more attractions..

    With respect to Fantasyland, of all the dark rides I think Peter Pan is far beyond the others in terms of creativity and imagination but it could be so much more. They need to boot out a neighbor and greatly expand the size, capacity, and technology of the ride.

    That is what I would do. How about you?