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Purposely long lines for Pandora?


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  • Purposely long lines for Pandora?

    I was checking some of the reviews of the early ads of Pandora, and I noticed the very accurate criticism of Disney's decision to make the indoor river attraction a low capacity ride by making each boat hold FOUR people at a time (while in the 60's it was already understood that transporting large amounts of guests was necessary).

    As this daft design could not be just some gaffe from the imagineers, I was thinking that perhaps this was a deliberate choice to artificially inflate the lines of the ride and therefore giving the illusion of popularity. Do you think my theory might be accurate? I think Disney is well aware of the lackluster reaction that Pandora has had (check this article: ), and they designed this on purpose to have claims such as "290 minute wait times for Pandora's new attractions!".


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    Sorry double post! The boards are bugging a lot on my browser and this thread seemed to have not gone through when I posted it. Feel free to delete it