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World of Pandora is better than Harry Potter.


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    Originally posted by Uncle Bob View Post

    Cars is not in the same category as Avatar at all. Cars is an absolutely massive merchandise seller. That's why they picked it for the land and why it's getting a third movie. With Avatar, I agree, it clearly doesn't have the audience of these other major franchises and isn't a big merchandise seller and even if it were Disney doesn't own it. It's an odd choice since it doesn't have so many of the qualities that Disney usually looks for except for a big box office haul. I've always though that it actually would be a really cool theme park land and it does look really beautiful and unique and I do want to see it, but it's not something that I just have to see. But in spite of all that, I think this will be a huge help to AK and make it vastly better and more complete park and draw a lot of guests. This will add two new rides that fill out the overall ride lineup much better and the area will be a huge nighttime draw and completely change the profitability of the park. So my guess is it will be seen as a success by Disney.
    I don't really see many rave about Cars. I understand Cars is a popular product for young boys, like Jack Sparrow, so those merchandise sales. I do think if there was a poll many would choose many other movies before the Cars franchise. I could be wrong though as I'm not around many children. Luckily Disney did their job as even though I don't care for the movie, the quality of the land & RSR make Radiator Springs a must visit. I do think if SWL & Potter havd the luck of already having the want even if the quality doesn't deliver. I do think it will be hard to parents to say no to their children for those Avatar sales especially a few hours into the area.

    Pandora looks to have the same effect for me. I seen the movie once, no urge to see it right away. The land is already gorgeous with two rides, if those sequels do make an impact this might be more of a success today, an even-bigger future investment tomorrow situation. If they close down Great Movie Ride, Sigourney Weaver is going to need a new home.


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      I have a feeling that Cameron is quite serious about his sequel/prequel films coming in 2018,, 2019, no, 2020, no, 2021...
      Not really a fan of the man himself, but he consistently (and eventually) makes massively successful projects.
      If/when those other Avatar projects appear, i think Pandora has a solid future.
      Plus, even if they don't, Animal Kingdom can use the night-time draw.
      At this point, I'd never bet against Cameron. But then again, I also rave about Cars.


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        Originally posted by danlb_2000 View Post

        By what measure is the Fantasyland Expansion a failure?

        I was just referring to the quality of the lands, you are correct in that marketability is another issue entirely.
        More than a failure, a missed opportunity:


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          I'm sure Pandora looks great but I'll forever be on team "shoulda been Beastly Kingdom".

          Nothing wrong with a franchise land but I think they could have done far better than Avatar, a franchise whose timelessness (even with possible sequels) cannot be guaranteed at this point. (It just screamed desperate Disney.) Plus, it's not about being a movie franchise land but rather, what guests want to experience. Experiencing a Harry Potter land is a no-brainer. Nothing can beat it in my opinion. Star Wars will come close. Who the heck has wanted to experience Belle's Village? :S I can understand Beast's castle, but come on...

          I also think Beastly Kingdom would have far more appeal and consistency with the rest of the park.


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