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Who's excited about the rumor of a 4th mountain in MK?

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  • Who's excited about the rumor of a 4th mountain in MK?

    i think its it's a pretty rad possibilty!

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    I think it will be called "IP Mountain". It will feature show scenes made of 99% screens that can be easily revamped and adapted to feature whatever new property is hot at the moment. Each iteration will have a shelf life of 4 years approximately. It will be in Adventureland but regardless of theming, new and exciting attractions can happen on IP Mountain, including Elsa's Sleigh Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission: Mountain!, Mountain Cruise featuring The Rock, and Star Wars Mountain.

    This is some leaked concept art. During the day, the intimidating, yet regal mountain looks like a museum/fortress/mountain/palace, depending on what is convenient for the present iteration. At night, you can see it come to life like nothing before through the breaking-edge technological magic of Phillips HUE lightbulbs. Click image for larger version  Name:	2feaa39d61d3f9569c9c35ab2c3c036b.jpg Views:	1 Size:	136.0 KB ID:	8507736

    Back view:

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      I can't take an article seriously when it contains a sentence like this:
      "The location is expected to be located between The Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean "
      Besides the word "located" being completely unnecessary, the Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise butts right up against their "Pirates" show building. Do these people even look at Google Maps? Also, a better place for a "Moana" attraction (which would HAVE to be a boat ride. How could it not be?) at this point would be in World Showcase in that "neutral" area where the proposed Africa pavilion was supposed to go. They could retheme it to something from that "South Seas" part of the world, but I don't think this rumor came from any kind of official source.
      Someone probably saw some artwork or something from Universal's "Volcano Bay" and one thing must have lead to another...


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        Any new attraction gets me excited, but I'd be more excited for more details about Epcot's refurbishment rumors and what is expected for that park. Epcot needs investment much more than Magic Kingdom.


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          I get excited when hearing about any new mountain. Do I think this rumor lacks authenticity due to it mostly being driven by Volcano Bay? Yes. The MK needs more rides it sucks it's sister parks have been neglected so much that they have to take all the attention right now. Animal kingdom looks to be in a good state for a few years but that still leaves the other two. If they do add a mountain I hope it's thrilling, as they've already done 7Dwarfs & my trip felt incomplete without Matterhorn & Indy inside the kingdom.


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            In Adventureland, you say? Please, please be the Cave of Wonders carpet ride we've all been wishing for...


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              These rumors have been going on since the 80's. When I worked at the MK in 1989 and 1990, the ride was supposed to be Mt. Fuji at the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT. I forget what the other manifestations have been since then, but there's almost always a rumor of a new mountain somewhere in WDW. It might get built eventually, but I wouldn't bet on it.

              I also can't imagine them building a new E-ticket at the MK any time soon. EPCOT is what needs attention now.


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                it's from Canada's wonderland


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                  We all would love to have another mountain, but the reality is that it doesn't seem there is space or even the money to do so with Star Wars and Pandora being the most recent builds! We can cross our fingers though!
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