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Are there refillable souvenir cups inside the Disney World Parks?

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  • Are there refillable souvenir cups inside the Disney World Parks?

    I'm familiar with there being refillable souvenir coffee mugs at the hotels (which can only be used at the hotels), but I haven't seen anything about the parks. I know they sell various souvenir cups at park restaurants, but do any of them provide the benefit of free or discounted refills? If so, is it just for the day of purchase, or for the entire length of your Disney World trip?

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    I know when I worked there back in 2006-2011 they never had them in the parks. A few places to eat would give refills while you were there, but otherwise there weren't any refillable cups in the parks at all at that time.


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      You can't use them in the parks. It's hotels only.


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        On a separate, but somewhat related note, the water at the MK tastes horrible. The water has an unpleasant sulfur odor/taste. They don't filter it, even for sodas, so everything tastes bad. They don't seem to have the same problem at the other parks. I bring a small water bottle with a built-in filter whenever I go. It doesn't help the sodas, but it makes the water drinkable.