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Help Return Lost 1985 Disney World Vacation Photos to family

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  • Help Return Lost 1985 Disney World Vacation Photos to family

    In June, 1985 I went to Disneyworld with my church’s youth group. While at the Magic Kingdom, I found a canister of 35mm film that someone had dropped. I kept it and got the film developed when I got home. I put the 36 photos in an album and kept them throughout the years.

    The years went by and I stumbled upon them recently and wrote about it on Facebook. A friend encouraged me to try to get the word out and try to return the lost photos to the original owner. The Disney Blog shared my story and it was shared more than 100 times, but so far no leads on who the family might be.

    The man in the pictures is wearing a hat that says “Squire Shop”. I did find several stores online that go by that name and reached out to one in Georgia, asking them if the design looks as if this was one of their hats from 31 years ago. The current owner believes the hat may be from their store yet said that script/font was popular during that era, so the shop could have been elsewhere in the USA.

    The Times-Georgian newspaper ran a featured article about it yesterday.

    Please share any of the following links- I would love return the original prints to the family. You can also find a post about it on my Facebook page