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Can I do Magic Kingdom in a half a day


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  • Can I do Magic Kingdom in a half a day

    I have a flight into Orlando tomorrow, scheduled to land at 5:52 PM. If I am lucky it will land around 5:30 PM. Can I get off the plane, in a rental car, and to the Magic Kingdom in time to make it worth going ? Any tips to make this a reasonable goal? I figure 4 hours makes a $120 ticket worth it, but even if I can get to the parking lot by 6:15, how long would it take me to get into the actual park?

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    It honestly sounds like a lot to me. You would have to hope things go foolproof for you. Between the plane, picking up the rental, Disneyworld being a huge city, waiting for a ferry/monorail, it is a lot to hope for. If I were to do all that and make it to the MK I personal would feel a bit, erratic. Especially with the feeling that I have to continue to rush to enjoy the little time in the parks. And I'm guessing you haven't been to the parks before either? It helps to be familiar as DW is huge. For example, my first visit we came back around 5-6.30pm. They apparently close the monorail at some time, not sure if it continues, & we just missed the ferry. Luckily the ferry boats move fast if they are running two but the whole journey took about 40 since we had to take a tram from where we parked to get there. So different from DLR or Universal Orlando in terms terms of how close everything is. I do believe WDW has a preferred parking or something similar I would suggest looking into.

    I would say FP+ is your true friend in this sceneario but I'm not sure how many are available last minute as I always booked mines they day the were made available. You can book three rides, therefore using your free time for the rides you shouldn't book (high capacity like Pirates or HM). I always picked a night ride for Space, Seven Dwarfs, & BTM. There's always that ride you can hop into a few minutes before closing as well so it doesn't interfere.
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      Short answer: NO!!!!!
      Long answer: Yes, you could, theoretically, do Magic Kingdom in a half day with well planned fast passes and proper utilization of reservations at restaurants. If you were to do all this you could experience the "on-paper" details of the Magic Kingdom that being rides and some of the food experiences, but to fully experience EVERYTHING the Magic Kingdom has to offer you require at least one full day.


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        When you fly to MCO you have to take a shuttle from the terminal into the transportation area. It took us about 45 minutes from touchdown to get there. Getting your rental car will take 20-30 minutes to get sorted out. Then it's about 30-45 minutes from the airport to WDW. At that point you'll have to park at the Transportation and Ticket Center to take the monorail into the Magic Kingdom. That will take another 10 minutes minimum. After that you'll have to go through security checks to get into the park. It's hard to imagine you getting into the park by any earlier than 7-7:30. Things always take longer than you think they will.

        Magic Kingdom usually closes at 10. Maybe if you can get an extra magic hours day where it closes late then you could hit a few rides in 4-5 hours, especially if you're efficient with fastpasses. Most rides should have pretty short standby wait times. If you really want to pay for a full day ticket + parking for that experience then it's up to you. However, I wouldn't recommend planning on it.


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          Listen to Co Foo on those times. Honestly I think that you'd be looking at getting into the park at 7:30-8. Even if you managed on your times (which really aren't workable), you would see very little during that time and would miss a huge amount of the park. There won't be fast passes available at that time of the day- they'll be distributed long before your arrival, and there will still likely be fairly long lines at most of the attractions. Lots of rushing, lots of stress, for very little reward.


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