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When would you LIKE WDW to start celebrating its 50th Anniversary?

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  • When would you LIKE WDW to start celebrating its 50th Anniversary?

    Disneyland's 50th Anniversary swept in with a renaissance of the original park. I'd like the entire Walt Disney World resort, especially the long-neglected EPCOT, to be made better than ever in time for the 50th. I know the resort started with just one park, but I'd prefer this to be a celebration of the anniversary of the whole resort.

    Disneyland's 50th celebration lasted for well over one year, and not many seemed to mind. When would you like WDW to begin its 50th Anniversary celebration?

    Walt Disney World opened in October of 1971, so I wouldn't be surprised if Disney launched this at the start of 2021 and kept this up till the end of 1972. I know many wouldn't go for this, but I wouldn't mind if it started early, at the start of the summer of 2020.

    And if a significent # of people still use CDs please make a 6-CD collection of WDW recordings from across its 50 years.

    Start this in the summer of 2020.
    Start it at the beginning of 2021.
    Start it in October of 2021.

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    Oops, I should have made the summer of 2021 an option.


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      October makes the most sense for it, but they may wait until after all the Holiday Festivities!
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        I think they should start in October when they have its official anniversary but last until Oct 2022 or Dec 2022. One year is enough to celebrate I think and that would also throw in Epcot's 40th.


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          I LOVE the idea of a 6 CD collection of WDW music. That Golden Age Epcot music is spectacular!

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            I miss the old Epcot music. The first time I visited Disney World where I remember was when I was four. I went when I was 3 but I dont remember anything about it. But I was 4 in 85 and I don't know if it was because of the park still being new at almost 3 yrs old or the music or both but Epcot was my favorite park. Even today as it is a former shell of itself I love it because of all the nostalgia I have. I love telling my friends who have never been about all the amazing attractions it used to have. They think I am crazy but growing up as a kid in the 80s Epcot was the coolest thing ever to me. My favorite ride was Horizons and then the original Figment of course. I loved Magic Kingdom too but for some reason Epcot just seemed different and interesting to me as a kid. And again they had Figment which who doesn't love Figment and Dreamfinder? And I went off on a tangent. Sorry. LOL! But I would love to have all the old music from the entrance of the park to each pavilion. It was cool back in the day and seemed futuristic.


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              Start at the beginning of 2021 similar to how Disneyland handled the 50th there. That way you can celebrate all year and of course it's going to continue into the spring of 2022.


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                I'd like this to go long, so I hope it starts on Jan. 1, 2021, by quickly replacing the Christmas decorations with 50th Anniversary decorations (DON'T MAKE CINDERELLA'S INTO A HIDEOUS BIRTHDAY CAKE AGAIN! ! !) and since it opened on Oct. 1, 1971, continue it through Oct. 1, 2022, then quickly replace the 50th decorations with Halloween.

                Is there anyone else in their 50s or 60s who went to WDW in 1971 or the summer of 1972 (the first summer it was open) who also went to Disneyland's 50th Anniversary in 2005?

                I ask because in 2005 it seemed amazing to me that some visitors were so old that they'd visited Disneyland in 1955. So I guess in the summer of 2022 I too will be unbelievably old when I visit WDW. Weird!


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                  Walt Disney World-will have there 50th Anniversary 2021 and continue long as money is pouring in
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