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What have you done at WDW that you are confident not many people have experienced?

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  • What have you done at WDW that you are confident not many people have experienced?

    A similar question was asked on MiceChat's Facebook page, and it seems to be getting lots of responses. I know there is some crossover between FB and forum users, but most users stick with one or the other. That being said, this seems like an interesting question which should be posted here.

    Please keep your answers G-rated, or PG-13 at the worst.

    Have fun!

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    Toured the utilidors and watched the trash suction system at work. Entered backstage through the hub's south-southeast backstage door - and it looks awfully warehousey from then on.


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      1. Stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for just $89 a night. We were supposed to stay at Pop Century right when it opened, about 16-17 years ago, but it wasn't ready so they made us this incredible offer.

      2. When my wife was all-veggie the head chef from Artists' Point came out excited to make a rare (back then in the South), veggie meal. He made a large, delicious fruit and veggie feast for my wife (that I tasted substantial portions of), and only charged us $6 for her meal. Mine was more. The best restaurants at Disney parks were really reasonably priced in and before the 1990s, though that $6 meal was astonishing even back then.

      3. In the 1980s (or very early 90s), I wrote to an executive and convinced him to give me a free behind the scenes tour of under the MK, behind EPCOT, and other behnd the places like the giant laundry building for cast costumes and I guess hotel bedding, towels etc.

      4. Dave Smith also gave me a personal tour of the Disney Archives & studio in Burbank, but I'm drifting far from Florida.


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        1. Walked around Disney-MGM Studios before it opened to the public. I had just been hired, and they were having cast previews. Most of the park was operational, but it was empty because it was only open to CM's. I rode The Great Movie, ride and there was no one in the ride vehicle but the tour guide and myself. That was an awesome experience.

        2. I have seen the underside of the Mission to Mars seats (before it was removed).

        3. Touched the Dolphin at the Dolphin hotel right after it opened (the big statute on the north side of the hotel).

        4. I worked at the MK, so I have seen most of the utilidor system and back stage (where regular CM's can go).


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          Shot off the fireworks at MK.


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            Coffee with *MY* wife in early AM at EPCOT. One of my favorite activities.
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              1. Rode bikes all around the Residential street area of Disney MGM after the park closed and got up close to the buildings.

              2. Wandered around the 20,000 leagues lagoon area, including climbing around the rockwork scaffolding overlooking the lagoon.

              3. Got to take a tour of the animation building the week Lilo and Stitch started production.

              4. Got to wander around the utilidors unsupervised. Got lost and almost went through a door leading to the "Legend of the Lion King" stage show during a performance.


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                I have watched the parks changed over the years;



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                  Experienced all of the attractions at MK in one day. This was during the 'One More Disney Day' event in 2012. I was planning to do 'One More Disney Day' at Disneyland in 2016, but the event was not held that year...