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Are WDW Extra Magic Hours worth it?

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  • Are WDW Extra Magic Hours worth it?

    Are WDW parks that host Extra Magic Hours significantly more crowded later in the day? Is it perhaps better to rope-drop a non-EMH park, even though you get one less hour? Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a repeat.

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    Can't believe no responses after 4 days. I will give my opinion though. First, what do you mean by EMH, there are early EMH and late EMH. From your question I am guessing you are referring to late EMH. Me and my family are early people so my view is slanted with that in mind. In general, I try to stay away from late EMH parks for the exact reason you are asking, they tend to get busier later in the day especially as other parks begin to close meaning those with park hoppers come in. In my opinion, the first hour following rope drop is almost always as good as two hours or more any other time. First thing in the morning is blissfully empty. My brother tells me that the last couple of hours late at night are also empty but neither of us will ever see what the other is talking about. By the way, I think late EMH is often more than one hour.


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      I have found that sometimes the parks with the extended hours are horrible when they are later. Meaning if you get the extra 3 hours at MK it can be nice towards the end of that time frame depending on time of year too. The early morning ones are always less crowded as people have issues waking up I think in general. If you can get to a park right when the EMH opens you won't be sorry especially for really crowded attractions. You can get on the dwarfs coaster pretty quick in the EMH whereas the extended night hours will still carry a line.
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