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  • Haunted Mansion NBC Easter Eggs

    Hello all! I recently stumbled across some articles about the hidden Nightmare Before Christmas easter eggs spread around Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion. But while various articles list and/or show 6 items, I've read that there are actually 13 in total. I was wondering if anyone here can provide insight regarding the other 7, and any additional information about this subjects in general, such as when they were placed. Is there anyone here who used to work on Haunted Mansion or know someone who did that could help? Thanks!
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    Nightmare before "Christmas" "Easter Eggs"? Is that what happens when THREE holidays collide?


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      link to the article?
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        8? 13? I worked the ride for 5 years ending in 2012 and I guess this idea has gotten way out of hand. There's two that I can remember easily, and possibly one or two others.

        There's a book on the floor in the library that has Jack printed on the top. There's a Sally doll in the Attic across from Constance, buried in all of the junk piled up in the corner.

        Frankly, calling these "Easter Eggs" is a real stretch. They cannot be seen from guest areas, and they are not intended to be seen by guests at all. Just a NBC fan having some fun. You have to be standing in the actual sets to see them.


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          Originally posted by 9oldmen View Post
          Nightmare before "Christmas" "Easter Eggs"? Is that what happens when THREE holidays collide?
          Thanks for the chuckle.

          To the OP's point, how long have these easter eggs been in there? I know a lot of people in Florida have been asking for their own HMH.
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