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Resort WiFi --- ? any problems

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  • Resort WiFi --- ? any problems

    Has anyone had any problems with their devices ( laptops, tablets, ect.) after hooking up to the Disney Resort WiFi?

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    it's not that good. in fact, I usually turn off the wifi as it's always searching for a good signal throughout the day and it drains my battery.


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      When I was there a couple of weeks ago the WiFi was slow at best. I turned the feature off on my phone and it ran much faster. Like cseverens said it drains the battery too.


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        I know they've mentioned it up there, but I think due to the amount of people that are at the resort simultaneously, it is pretty hard to get a good wifi signal. When I go with my family, I usually share my hotspot out so they are able to have wifi.


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          Never used resort WiFi, just my phones, and with the exception of a few slow-downs in the hotel, it was fine.


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            I Have No Problems with the Wifi during My 2014 and 2017 Visits.


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              We stayed at POFQ last month and the resort WiFi was almost unusable.