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Questions about making your own autograph books. Anyone know of a way I can...

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  • Questions about making your own autograph books. Anyone know of a way I can...

    create a book that will hold photos in such a way that the characters can sign the photos themselves, but that won't cost large amounts of money?

    I'm finally getting to return to WDW on a solo trip in Jan 2018, and looking to have some fun meeting characters again (after all, I used to work with them!) Part of what I'd like to do is to create an autograph book that will have a number of the photos I've got from the past where it was just me and the characters and have them sign those. But I'm trying to figure out how to do this in a way that is 1. easy for the character to sign 2. small enough to be easily carried in a camera bag 3. not high priced. I'm trying to do the whole trip on a tight budget and this is one challenge.

    one thing I've thought about is a spiral bound book with pages just larger than either 4x6 or 5x7 so there can be an edge for the binding that wouldn't cut into the pictures. But trying to figure out where I could get that printed and bound is leaving me stumped.

    I know I could get one printed at Snapfish, but those get expensive quickly. And I'm not sure how the binding will hold up on them with being opened wide for the characters to sign.

    Has anyone else made something like this? or know someone who has or had a company that has? Right now my main option is trying to find a spiral book and using corner tabs to hold photos, but I'm hoping there's a better option.


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    Shutterfly may have something you can use for that, I know they have books where you can custom design them. I don't think they're too expensive.
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      I do this all the time, i would cut out paper first the size for a photo album pages and bring the pages in by themselves with the pictures set inside of them, then when you get home put all the pages into the sleeves of the book.

      If you want to make a more immediate option, I have a modern Polaroid Camera that prints photos after you take them... they are pretty reasonable and you can find some that allow you look at the photo before it prints to make sure it comes out the way you want. The paper can cost you a little bit but its cute to have Mickey sign a photo you took just seconds ago of you and Mickey together. If you still like taking photos on your phone you can get a photo printer that connects to your phone and prints off photos on the spot. It only take about 30 seconds to print the photos, there often not the best quality but they serve their purpose and they have sticky backs so you can use the photos as a sticker right into your autograph book. Just be sure to bring your sharpies and have some flat surface the characters can use to write on.

      Popular Camera (they sell the photo paper at target down the street on harbor )

      Photo Printer
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        I don't know if this is too late for you, but we did this using an 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly. I think I had a coupon for a free book so it was just a matter of paying postage. If I recall, we've gotten free book coupons from a variety of sources, so maybe a google search or ask friends? We took a ton of pictures of the kids getting autographs with characters and put them into a custom book with space for new signatures. It was SOOO much fun to get them to sign the new book. Since we left space and used big markers, no one had any problems. They don't need the books open for long, just don't put the space for signatures along the spine.

        We had a couple of experiences where the handlers saw our book and asked to look at it, which was fun and one amazing experience where a VERY excited Tigger made the handler go page by page through the whole book before signing. I felt a tiny bit bad for the people behind us in line and pretty darn proud that I made something that got a character that excited.