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AP holder from CA making first trip to WDW

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  • AP holder from CA making first trip to WDW

    Hello first post but I've been reading the forum for awhile and I am an DL AP holder. I am renewing my AP next month for DL and I was told if I want to upgrade to a premier and pay the difference I could use it at WDW. Now I have been trying to put a trip together as it will be my first trip in 15yrs and first time as an adult. It is only me and my spouse and we are wanting to stay at the Polynesian or Contemporary and we are looking for a good time when the prices are little more affordable. I know the parks are usually pretty busy but it would be nice to go at slower time with less traffic as we like to take our time and relax. Any help or input would be appreciated and as far as scheduling goes it doesn't matter.

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    I don't know if your DL pass, even upgraded, can be used at WDW or not. I would certainly check with Disney for sure on that.

    There really isn't a "slow" time of year anymore for WDW, and really not one that you're going to find lower prices on anything. They are so busy year round now that there really isn't any reason for them to offer discounts or lower prices, so they rarely do anymore.

    However, that being said, they do sometimes have a deal where they will include the Disney dining plan at a discount on a room package. So check into that.

    As for lower crowds, you can find the parks a little bit less populated in September and early October after school starts (working around the Mickey's Not So Scary and weekends at Food and Wine). Early November and early December will get you the holiday events with a little bit lesser crowd as well. But if you're wanting "slow", then about as slow as you'll find will be in January and early February.;


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      I've heard about the premier pass, I know it is much more expensive though, it might be worth it, it might not, but I know that the premier pass is a viable option.


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        It would be 400 more than the signature which would be less than buying park tickets outright for that many days plus the discounts and offers included with an AP so that might help. Thanks for input Jan/feb might be too close but I'm looking into the dates some of the hotel rates are higher than I expected but I was informed that there is a possible ap discount during those times so I'll have to find out.


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          The slowest times would be in January and early February (prior to Presidents Day), but it sounds like that could be difficult. May isn't a bad time to go, especially since it's before schools let out in most states. Honestly, I think your chances of getting a good deal at the Polynesian or Contemporary are low. I've received some discount offers for early 2018, and the resorts they typically included were just the Animal Kingdom Lodge and some of the villa resorts like Saratoga Springs and Old Key West. You never know, though. A lot depends on how hotel bookings are looking as we get into 2018.
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            I just got back from WDW a week or so ago. It was fairly slow compared to most of the other times I've been there recently.

            I have the Premiere Pass and it certainly does work both here at DL and there. The discounts aren't quite as good out there though especially on food (they have Tables in Wonderland for food). You usually get something anymore even if it's 10% which is better than years past (which was "We don't have AP discounts.").

            Hotel discounts are getting hard to get especially at the Deluxe resorts. You can still probably get them but something on the monorail loop is going to get expensive (I've stayed at all them around there when discounts were steep like in the 40 percentages). Wilderness Lodge isn't on the loop and can be reasonable. It takes a little work to get anywhere from it though. A bus or boat (or car). It's still a nice little hotel though. Animal Kingdom Lodge is nice but way out of the way. It's bus or car only. If you stay around the Boardwalk you can walk to Epcot or Hollywood Studios (the walk there is a little far though so boat).

            Anymore, since I've gone quite a bit, I just stay off-site (rent a townhouse or house at someplace like Windsor Hills for a fraction of the price) and rent a car. The drive is about two miles. Once on property you can use all the Disney transportation, restaurants, and I find park-hopping in my own car easier (the Premier Pass includes hopping and parking just like out here only the parks really are spread out a bit so moving around takes a half an hour or so instead of crossing the plaza). You do get the FP+ benefit earlier staying onsite though.

            May is a nice time. Earlier in May is a bit better weather wise. The Flower and Garden show should be going on so Epcot is done up nicely with flowers and topiaries(sp?) which it normally isn't. If not May then sometime around October is good too. The weather is about the same and it's Halloweentime. If you go during summer it can be quite humid and it rains about every day (making it more humid). I've gone during July (my anniversary) and it saps the life out of you and you kind of want to die if you're not used to that sort of weather.


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              Before you buy anything, carefully crunch numbers. It may not be cost effective to do it that way. As for less busy times, I don't know. But in 2016, my family went in July, traditionally one of the busiest times. Lots of people? Yes. But not too bad. Be willing to be at the parks at rope drop and hit some of the biggest lines first. Carefully use your fast passes. Get them for later in the day and for attractions that really command long lines. On Magic Morning Days, either hit a different park entirely, or do the Magic Morning, then park hop to a different park, as the parks that open early tend to be busier. And when it rains, keep going! It will stop raining in an hour or so, even if it's a drenching deluge. That's just how Florida is. Don't try to fight the humidity. Just accept it as the way it is, and relish the air conditioning when you go inside.

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