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  • Trip report from an overseas perspective

    Came back from disneyworld just before Xmas. Had fantastic time with family members.
    Fly from New Zealand,which is in the bottom of the Sth Pacific. I say this because people were not familiar with our accents or where New Zealand was,and that it is summer time in New Zealand currently,this also bewildered several people.This was all good though as all part of travelling.
    First off Disneyworld is HUGE. we walked ourselves to a standstill over 10 days.
    We stayed at Pop century resort. Upon arrival a huge line for checkin at reception. This was the second slowest moving line in the park and it wasnt even a ride. the slowest was guest relations at the park,more about that later. We later learned that the line at check in was so long because most people were there second time round wanting room upgrades. We were not worried about that,place to sleep,thats all we needed.
    I wont go to much into specifics about each ride or park,but all were very enjoyable. We got fastpasses for all the big rides before we left home.It might have meant a 1am alarm clock 3 months out in NZL to get flight of passage,frozen ride etc but well worth it. We actually rode flight of passage 3 times on fast passes.Navi river ride was great,seven dwarfs,expedition everest were some of our favorites.
    We found food quite expensive,although the bread came in handy which we got from one of the hotels to save money.We are not really burger and chips eaters so the roast beef,turkey,meatloaf with veges at Pop were popular for us. Inside park best meals we thought were at Satuili canteen and beasts castle.
    We were surprised at some peoples lack of research on what they were expecting when they got there.How to get a fastpass?arriving at park at midday and seeing long lines.I mean we came from miles away and had pretty good idea on where and what to do,and all turned out great.
    Ok back to guest relations. I dont get it.... Why come to disneyworld and spend 1.5hrs in line when you could be enjoying the park.Oh and this reminds me.Staff always ask when paying for food,do you have the disney dining plan for discount?My answer was no,to far away from home,this always caused a smile and a should have known by your accent response.
    One person at guest relations was waiting for 1 hr and was complaining that they had missed there fastpass time for little mermaid and wanted to be compensated in some way.I am thinking,really is this how it works,its there fault they did not get to there fastpass ride on time and they were complaining.I didnt wait to find out.Sitting in chairs listening to this was hilarious to me.
    Another funny moment for us was waiting to get into the park,cues were beginning to form when,family in front oof me decided they had a hundred questions to ask cast member,from best place to see mickey,to height ride restrictions etc.Someone behind me was getting impatient and politely asked to get a move on.Well world war 1 errupted there and then,from i got questions and they needed to be answered,it didnt matter that there was hundreds of people behind her,she was going to find out where Mickey was going to be
    Similiar situations at food inside the park,cast members hand out menu,and by the time you get to cashier have a reasonable idea of what you want.Errrrnot really,this is where 8 people are still undecided on what they want to eat,just amusing thats all.
    The only negative we had was 2 nites at pop when neighbours decided they wanted to have a verbal domestic from shouting to swearing to smacking,it was full on.We wondered what to do call the police,get a room upgrade. We actually changed rooms the third nite at reception.
    All in all a great holiday,no sorry vacation.