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Do Not Disturb signs to be phased out

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  • Do Not Disturb signs to be phased out

    WDW hotels' "Do Not Disturbed" signs will now change to "Room Occupied", effective immediately.

    This may sound unimportantl, but as the article points out, it allows the hotels to access rooms for security purposes. The article also brings up the mass shooting in Las Vegas, where the shooter, had his room marked as 'Do Not Disturb'.

    I understand, the intent, but sadly I think the measure doesn't do enough(like x-ray for hotel luggage).

    Your Thoughts?
    Walt Disney World resorts are beginning to do away with one traditional hotel feature -- and the possible reason why is haunting.

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    Yes, I was at Port Orleans last week. 'Do Not Disturb' signs are gone, replaced by 'Room Occupied.' Also new are daily room checks of every room by a Disney Staffer. They knock and identify themselves prior to coming in, but are able to enter a room at anytime, even if 'Room Occupied' sign is being used. (There is fine print on the signs stating this.)

    Both times the security check guy came by I was in the room (with the sign on the door), sleeping. So it was kind of annoying that I was woken up (I was sick the first two days of vacation and just needed sleep!) The check only takes like 10 seconds though.