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Any1 else feeling a bit old with 50th Anniv. coming in 2021?

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  • Any1 else feeling a bit old with 50th Anniv. coming in 2021?

    When Disneyland had its 50th in 2005 it was a little bit hard to imagine the people old enough to have been there in its first year.
    Yet in 2021 I'll be in their geriatric shoes, having gone to WDW for my first time in summer of 1972 when it was in its first 12 months. (I was 7 & the Magic Kingdom had opened in Oct. of 1971.)

    Were any of you there in its first year or two, and planning on returning for its 50th?

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    Not the same as WDW's beginning, but my first trip to the resort was in 1988. The Studio was still in the construction phase, so it's like I was there for the beginning of one of the parks. As for returning for the 50th, I'm ALWAYS thinking about when I can return. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it then. Probably not for another 10 years. First I have to get all the kids through college.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      My first trip was in 1985, I think I will actually be their for the 50th or at least that is the current plan.
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