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Winter water parks?

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  • Winter water parks?

    Hey all! This DLR veteran has finally summoned the courage (and the cash) to explore WDW for my first time. Im going for my 36th birthday and plan on staying for 12 days. We will most likely be getting park-hoppers, but I'm also kinda leaning towards adding the water parks to our admission for a stupidly low price.

    My big question is: are the water parks usually open in mid November? I tried checking the official website for Typhoon Lagoon, but it looks like they are only updated with dates into August.

    Since we will be staying for quite a while, we are definitely planning some "off" days of resort-hopping, pool stuff, Disney Springs, etc. And I thought the water parks would be a nice option for those less stressful touring days.

    Any advice is appreciated! CHEERS!
    For those of you that are curious about my wedding:

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    The water parks are normally open in November, although one may be closed for refurb, this year's refurbs have not been announced yet. High's tend to be in the 70's in November but if there is a cold snap they may close them for a couple days. For example on October 30th, 2017 Typhoon Lagoon closed due to the cold, and Blizzard Beach was already closed for refurb. You could always forgo the water park option and just hang out at the hotel pool if the weather is nice.


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      First, I have to say I'm sooooo jealous. 12 days sounds like an awesome amount of time! I've often compared WDW to a very, very rich dessert. You have to pace yourself. If you eat too much in too short a time period, it will affect you and you'll end up with a massive head freeze. I've been to WDW many times over the years, and it sound like you're doing it the right way.

      I don't have any answers about the water parks being open in November. My advice is if the web site doesn't have any information you want, call and talk to a live person. They're usually very helpful. (I even had one lady on the phone pretend to be Cinderella and talk to my daughter who was 3 at the time.)

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Most of the trips I've taken have been in early December and we always go to whichever water park is open (usually 1 is closed for a rehab). We've seen temps in the low 70's to almost 80 and the park is always empty that time of the year. We had a trip where they said it was a busy day as there were almost 1000 people in the water park that day. I recommend going to the water parks as they are empty and they will have the shortest lines (I've seen longer restroom lines) you may ever see anywhere at Disney.


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          There is always at least one of the water parks open. During that time of year there's a good chance one will be down for it's annual freshening up, but the other will be open. They will switch off so it's hard to say which will be closed and which will be open.

          When I lived in the area we almost always went to which ever one was open in January with a group of teens. Crowds are low, water is heated on all of the rides and in the pools, and it was a lot of fun. Great time to visit the water parks at Disney. You won't be sorry. Just be sure to watch the weather and pick days that a cold front doesn't come through so it's relatively warm.


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            Boom! Thanks for all the responses! Tix are booked and I added the waterpark/minigolf options. I figure those will be good for what we call "hangover days". lol
            For those of you that are curious about my wedding: