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New hire questions for Fantasyland Walt Disney World!

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  • New hire questions for Fantasyland Walt Disney World!

    Hey Everyone! I was just offered an attractions position in Fantasyland (west) at Walt Disney World! I am insanely excited for this opportunity! There are a few questions I have for current/former cast members regarding my position!

    1.) What attractions am I going to possibly be working if I am assigned to west Fantasyland? And what rides are partnered together?

    2.) How many/often do I recieve tickets/passes for my family and friends and do I have to use them for my husband and children as well? Or do I get to bring them as many times as I want aside from my tickets/passes?

    3.) Do we get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

    4.) How soon am I allowed free admission and how do the extra passes work?

    5.) I did my Onborading yesterday, how long does it take for backround checks to come back? And I have been arrested before but I was never convicted/charged/or even had to appear in court because it was droped beforehand. Will my arrest effect me if I was never charged?

    6.) I have my Traditions scheduled for next wednesday, will I be finding out my assigned rides and training hour/ schedule that day?

    Thank you!

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    I was a Photopass Photographer 2006-2011, so between it being a few years and a different division, my answers may not be totally accurate for you. But since no one else is answering, hopefully at least they will help some. :-) and most of the questions you are asking will also be covered in Traditions or your first day of training as well. :-)

    1. If I remember right, Fantasyland West was Small World, Peter Pan, the carousel and Philharmagic. But that was before the makeover and expansion, so it could easily be different now.

    2. your free passes will be based on your status (part time, seasonal, full time, etc.). You'll get a "main gate pass" that will let you get your immediate family in (or the same number of guests) a limited number of times per year. So for my family it was essentially up to 3 tickets that all had to be used at the same time on the same day at the same park. It used to be 6 or 12 times a year when I was there. You will also get 2 or 4 extra tickets you can give to anyone. Those typically arrive after 6 month of working or something like that. Expect it to be a month, maybe more, before that arrives and becomes usable, though you'll be able to get in by yourself right after Traditions.

    3. We were paid every 2 weeks when I was there. On Tuesdays as I recall.

    4. see number 2

    5. Background checks can take a week or two, sometimes sooner, depending on how backed up they are, though if they've already scheduled you for Traditions, then yours has almost surely already come back clear. Unless they've changed things, they wouldn't schedule us for Traditions until all of that had been cleared already.

    6. When traditions is ending they will hand you off to a trainer from your department who will let you know what your schedule will be after that and who can answer some of your more area specific questions. They'll get you set for the next week, maybe 2, after that. And you'll go from there.

    Have fun at Traditions. Disney can be a great place to work.


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      Thank you so much for your help! I am going to be Part time. Hopefully not much has changed!