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Are there park postcards available to buy online?

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  • Are there park postcards available to buy online?

    We're going down to the visit the parks in October. I thought it would be a lot of fun to get a bunch of postcards and mail them to friends and family from the parks. My problem is time and money. :-) time- we've got 3 very cramped busy days and about 2 hours our last morning. There really isn't much time to sit down and write out and address a bunch of cards like we'd like. But I'll have a bunch of time on the plane ride down to at least address them and have them ready to go that I'd love to be able to take advantage of.
    cost- Almost all of the few I see online start at about $5 each. Pretty much anything under that the online store is showing as out of stock. And certainly no sets of cards. It also doesn't look like the postcards I'm seeing in the Disney Parks shopping online are really park cards either.
    So I'm wondering does anyone know where there might actually be some park postcards on sale that I can order online at a reasonable price? Or are there reputable locals in the area who might do buying and mailing?

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    I have a small collection of Disney post cards. Some people sell them at the show at the Disneyana convention each year in Anaheim or Garden Grove. Also there have been post card conventions/shows in Pasadena, Glendale & Anaheim I've gone to. One group ran shows called (I think) Vintage Paper, and when I Googled that I got this:
    So get Googling!

    Also, if you ever see the book, "The Nickel Tour" get it! It's a history of Disneyland told through its many post cards over the years. I wish there were one for Walt Disney World.


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      Thanks, but I'm not looking to collect. I'm wanting to order some to actually mail out, and wanting enough that I don't want to be spending $2-$5 each for them. :-)


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        Since the advent of social media, Disneyland does not carry as many postcards as they used to. The larger shops carry a few as does the Newstand at the front of Disneyland. The CVS and Walgreens on the corner of Harbor and Katella carry a selection of souvenirs and postcards should be part of the mix. You can get the stamps to mail those postcards there too. However, the cards, albeit with Disney characters, will not say Disneyland, but rather "California" or "Anaheim".


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          Remember when they were a nickel? When did they raise that price, in the late 70s or early 80s?
          The nickel postcrds were brilliant marketing. Friends & relatives received beautiful photos of Disneyland & Walt Disney World, usually with a trustworthy, handwritten testimony of how great the resorts are/were.