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Old thread images not available from old trip reports?

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  • Old thread images not available from old trip reports?

    So a bit of a random post - I used to be an active MiceChat member but from 2009 til now I haven't logged in once. I posted a few trip reports too. I am hoping to become active once more after leaving an abusive relationship in 2009 I left with nothing - no momentos from holidays to WDW or anything at all really. I logged in hoping to find some photos of our trip reports but as they are so long ago the images are now saying image not available - is this true for all old threads or is there a way to see the images? Only evidence I have of 2 of my 8 trips with my ex partner there. and although he wasn't the nicest person to me - I always found happiness at WDW!

    Looking forward to being more active once more!

    Thanks in advance for any advice xx

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    I know for a while Photobucket changed their ways of doing things, and this happened to all of my trip reports. Then not too long ago, I checked it out, and they were back. I don't know if they were lost again, since I haven't checked ,or what went on.

    I just checked. The photos are still there. Here, check out this old cruise trip report of mine. Nobody ever looks at those non-Disney pages .

    No matter where you go, there you are.