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Question: SW Galaxy's Edge & Cast Members' Roles & Lingo


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  • Question: SW Galaxy's Edge & Cast Members' Roles & Lingo

    I've done as much reading as I can about the new land coming to Hollywood Studios and there's just something that I'm wondering about just how serious the GE cast members are taking their roles. First let me tell you about what's making me ask this. After Disneyland's opened their's first, everyone who's regularly on the internet knows that a ton of vloggers have posted their videos on the many aspects of the new land. One of these that I have watched, maybe some of you might have seen it, is the walk through on the lightsaber experience. When the "guides" brought out the kyber crystals out, someone near the person who was filming the video, joked that they looked like the Infinity Stones. Guests that were nearby all laughed, but there were no reactions from the cast members, or guides, mainly because they had already walked away. This also led me to presume that if any guest brought up the subject of the infinity stones to the guides, that they would have to pretend that they didn't know what those were. (This is the question by the way.) And I am assuming that this is correct. I wanted to know just how serious they take these roles within this expansion.

    Yesterday, I took my son to the parks here in Florida since we're pass holders. One of our many stops was to the Launch Bay at HS to meet some of the characters there. While waiting to meet Chewie, I asked the hostess there the question how the cast members there at "Galaxy's Edge" on how seriously they take their roles. And she proceeded to tell me that she didn't know what Galaxy's Edge was. I was like "Hmm, okay." I wasn't taken aback by her response, it just instantly hit me that I apparently didn't ask the "correct question." She must have noticed my reaction to her answer, because she said "If you mean the planet of Batuu, then any questions that you have can be answered over at Guest Relations." or something like that.

    I didn't make that trip there, mainly because over time, I eventually forgot about that interaction due to the mishaps with the typical Florida Summer weather, and other things that my son & I tried to do while we were there. So I thought that I'd try to bring up the question here, just to see if my assumption is correct. I mean, ask any other cast member not directly related to Star Wars, Pandora, or maybe even Toy Story Land, and you may get them to talk to you about Marvel or its properties. Try it with any of those 3 lands, they may be forbidden to discuss the subject. I understand it of course. I was just wondering if I was correct on the matter.
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    Hmm. This place is deader than a cemetery.
    "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children." - Walter Elias Disney


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      Two potential reasons for why no one's been able to respond: first, Micechat has a bigger DL presence in the forums than WDW, it seems (which is a fluke, as most other Disney-centered forums are about the opposite!). Second, I don't think anyone would really have a definitive answer to that question, and it would definitely vary by CM and shift leader.

      If it helps, when I went to Disneyland's Launch Bay, I didn't deal with anyone pretending not to know what Galaxy's Edge was.