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  • Odd FastPass+ Questions

    So, we live full time in our motorhome and will be visiting WDW this winter. We'll be there from mid December until at least mid February. We have a 13 night stay at Fort Wilderness from Jan 26th to Feb 8th. Otherwise we'll be staying at RV parks in the area. We'll be purchasing Platinum Plus annual passes this fall.

    As we understand it, with annual passes we can make FP+ selections 30 days out for up to seven days at a time. But with our stay at FW, we get to make FP+ reservation 60 days out for our stay. But we'll already have made our annual pass 7 days worth of FP selections. Are the 60 day privileges for the 13 days we'll be at FW in addition to our normal annual pass selections or do we get 7 days worth period? In other words, can we make our 7 days worth of FP+ selections and then when our 60 day window opens make another 13 days worth of selections during our stay even if the initial 7 days worth of FP+ selections haven't been used?

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    If I am understanding your question correctly, you cannot make additional FPs for days you already have FPs. The 60 days only applies to the days you will be staying on property. Hope that answers your question.