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Which effects on Rise of the R. will break down & be infrequently or never repaired?


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  • Which effects on Rise of the R. will break down & be infrequently or never repaired?

    Rise of the Resistance is reportedly off to an excellent start, but that's how Everest started with steam near the wheels and a moving Yeti.

    So which cool effects on Rise of the Resistance will be the first to break down and only be occasionally or possibly never repaired?

    And will the Disneyland's version be better maintained
    than Walt Disney World's after the summer of 2020?

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    On second thought, maybe they'll keep it perfect through the 50th anniversary, which could run through October or December of 2022, since the first day WDW opened was was October 1 of 1971. The 50th celebration ran long at Disneyland and I hope ti will at WDW too. I loved Disneyland's 50th because Disneyland had an excellent resort President then, Matt Ouimet, who made everything practically perfect, restoring & improving many details. They even briefly brought back the original Golden Horseshoe Revue for a (TOO!) limited time.

    I'm digressing, but
    Michael Eisner (like Bob Iger, more recently) failed to promote really great potential successors.
    Did he deliberately fail to promote potential CEO replacements like Ouimet, Katzenberg, and Steve Burke?
    Look at well these three did after they left Eisner's Disney:
    Ouimet eventually went on to run Cedar Faire where he improved Knott's Berry Farm and maintained arguably the best non-Disney park in America, Cedar Point.
    Katzenberg's Dreamworks produced some of the best animated movies ever made.
    Burke went on to lead NBC/Universal as it won Harry Potter and--at least for a while--surpassed Disney's parks with it.
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      Honestly some effects are already not working at DHS. Like the Probe Droid not descending at the beginning of the ride. And the Kylo animatronic on the ship bridge not moving or when he is almost sucked out the ship figure malfunctioning often. But since its new they are repaired quickly. Lets hope that last.


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        Since these awesome attractions at Disneyland & Walt Disney World are nearly identical & opened near the same time,
        it'll be interesting if one is better maintained in the coming years.


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          Here is an excerpt from a review from, where the author ranked it as the 3rd best ride at WDW--so there was also a lot to praise:

          ". . . . But Rise’s ambition can often work against it. Technological problems abound—I once rode it with most of the sound off, which was the worst, most cringeworthy experience I’ve ever had in a theme park. Moreover, basically nothing before the actual ride “works” if it doesn’t work perfectly, and things rarely work perfectly. I don't blame Cast Members for focusing more on finally getting me on the ride after it's broken down half the day than on maintaining their character—that’s the natural (even proper) thing for them to do, but it cracks the facade of the “completely immersive experience” that I want to give the ride credit for. Will this improve over time? Hopefully..."


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            Disney gets away with the Yeti not working because the strobe effect combined with the roller coaster thrill and speed make it less noticeable for casual vacationers. For RotR, the ride looks bad when the usual suspects do not work (bridge Kylo, blown up Kylo, probe droid) because the ride vehicles are practically stationary and staring at the animatronic. If they were really trying to be cheap, they could probably get away with lessening the movements of bridge Kylo or the probe droid, but no movements at all are so noticeable to everyone.


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