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Who should be the next Spaceship Earth Narrator?


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  • Who should be the next Spaceship Earth Narrator?

    With Spaceship Earth's update coming in the future, who would you choose to narrate the next iteration of the ride?

    Or would you want it to stay the same with Judi Dench? Or would you bring back one if the previous archive narrations(Vic Perrin, Walter Cronkite or Jeremy Irons).

    My choices would be
    - Alex Trebek
    -Viola Davis
    -Blythe Danner
    -Patrick Stewart
    -Idris Elba

    Your choices?
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    Disneyland: 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2022/23?
    WDW: 2006

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    Neil leGrasse Tyson.


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      Morgan Freeman


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        James Earl Jones or the guy from Ancient Aliens lol
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          In my opinion, the Jeremy Irons version was near perfection

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            Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
            In my opinion, the Jeremy Irons version was near perfection
            Truly - the only changes required to that version would be some of the technology in the descent, but the music and script were flawless
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              Patrick Stewart
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                Henry Golding,
                Gilbert Gottfried (KIDDING!),
                Nico Santos & Aquafina (together),
                Lester Holt (but give him caffeine before),
                Ming-Na Wen,
                Pete Buttigieg,
                James Spader,
                Kristen Bell,
                Josh Gad,
                Emma Thompson,
                Keith Olbermann,
                Nathan Lane,
                Eddie Murphy,
                Leslie Jones,
                Bowen Yang,
                Phoebe Waller-Bridge,
                Carl Weathers,
                Dr. Ken Jeong,
                John Cleese and Eric Idle (together),
                Rebel Wilson,
                Russel Brand,
                or Darrell Hammond imitating Donald Trump.
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                  Regarding posts above:
                  Patrick Stewart, James Earl Jones, and Morgan Freeman! What ORIGINAL choices for narrators!!!


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                    #Morgan Freeman - man
                    #EmmaStone - female


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                        Jeremy Irons is my all-time favorite, so I would not be opposed to his return. However, in the spirit of having a fresh face in place, James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman is who I would go with.


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