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Cinderella Castle set to get a new color scheme


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  • Cinderella Castle set to get a new color scheme

    Much like Sleeping Beauty's Castle repaint last year, Cinderella's Castle will get a new updated color scheme.

    The repainting will last into Summer.

    In my opinion, I didn't notice a difference at first. I do have a feeling that the darker scheme will make some people complain, much like the SB Castle's update.
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    I could've sworn SB Castle's new paint job was to make the paint look brighter, not darker. I think this is going the same route of making the vibrant tones stick out a bit more. Did people really get that mad at SB's castle? I thought the paint job was super great.


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      Cinderella's Castle = New updated color scheme looks OK
      better than ,looking like a birthday they did during the 25th anniversary
      And one who likes , the today scheme on Sleeping Beauty's Castle
      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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        I think the color scheme looks a lot like Tokyo..with the darker base color and lighter as you move up


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