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If you REALLY miss WDW, watching this might help U get over it.


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  • If you REALLY miss WDW, watching this might help U get over it.

    Howdy folks!

    Former Disney Jungle Cruise Guide here which means I will always be an E-Ticket attraction.

    Showing you beautiful videos of the parks set to uplifting music will NOT help you feel better about not going.
    Instead I'll share this pretty funny & long review of the Grand Floridian by a guy Disney should've really made an extra effort to not piss off.
    If you can't afford the Grand Floridian, this might also be consoling.

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    He and his mom paid $770 per night for each of the two rooms!

    And, dude, if you knock a robe in a store to the floor, hang it back up.

    I've never stayed at a Four Seasons, but I read a book about the chain by its founder, and I think Pete would've been much happier there.

    I imagine they made his MagicBand not work for his room just to annoy him.
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      You know the scene in Life of Brian when he's being chased, then is picked up by aliens?
      Well this link below to Walt at a World's Fair is about that out of place, but I'm sharing it because it's so excellent & I'd like those who make & share Disney-related videos to aspire to make theirs more interesting--especially visually. Even if it's a video of a podcast. Listen to the narrator's enthusiasm! Strive for that energy level!

      Also, this video shows a system used on future Disney attractions, and covers the Carousel of Progress that made it to WDW after performing for a few years at Disneyland. That's another feeble argument why this video linked below belongs on this WDW thread.


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        great, thanks for sharing


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