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  • All Star Music Resort

    i stayed at the All Star Music Resort when i went to WDW last June. i found it okay. not the greatest. it had some flaws. if you stayed there, what did you think of it?

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    I'm interested in what disadvantages are you talking about?


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      bessiebeardsley, they could have had better food choices. like have themed days where Monday was this and Tuesday was that. have different options then the same things they served everyday. i know its geared towards kids, but they could have had more "adult" options or have a formal seat down restaurant even if it only sat a handful of people at least it would have the adults some where else to eat besides the school cafeteria food that they had.

      since it was a music resort, they could have had some entertainment besides one of the cast members doing trivia by the pool and having more then one song playlist being played throughout the resort. i heard the some songs over and over again, i knew what song was next because i heard it so many times.

      there's nothing against the resort itself, but there were just things i noticed/experienced that i would changed if i was the owner/manager.


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