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If you love Disney World, check out DFBGuide videos on Youtube (Disney Food Blog)


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  • If you love Disney World, check out DFBGuide videos on Youtube (Disney Food Blog)

    It seems like AJ, the narrator of Disney For Blog videos comes out with 2 or 3 Youtube videos about Walt Disney World a week (please correct that if you have a more accurate number), and some videos receive over half a million views.

    Here's a link to the most recent one:

    I like her videos and have some positive & negative comments:

    --AJ seems to write the text of each video that she delivers, and she seems to really own the content. I've heard smooth narrators of Youtube videos and books on CD who don't seem to care about or understand what they're reading. AJ, on the other hand, is a Disney park expert, and she is smarter than the average fellow Disney park enthusiast.

    --AJ does not hesitate to criticize Disney for overpricing and inconsistent restaurants, so I trust her more than other "experts" who seem to be going for free perks from Disney. She calls 'em as she sees 'em.

    --AJ is NOT a healthy eater. She seems to have tried every dessert at every Walt Disney World restaurant and stand. This concerns me because my favorite restaurant critic, the L.A. Times Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Gold (subject of an excellent documentary "With of Gold") died at 57, and his terrible eating habits may have contributed to his early death. Then again, when AJ is visiting WDW restaurants she is also walking six to ten miles a day.

    --AJ has an excellent announcer voice. She never bores me by speaking too slowly, and she sounds enthusiastic without sounding fake.

    --The repetitive music in her videos used to bother me, but now I'm used to it and don't even hear it--like the music in front of the (old) Submarine Voyage and Swiss Family Robinson Tree House at Disneyland that I never seemed to hear after ten minutes when I worked in front of those attractions in the 80s.

    --We would be better off if she came out with 2 or 3 videos a month. Because she has so many videos about the restaurants at WDW she contradicts herself and will have one video where a restaurant is overrated and not worth visiting, and another where the same restaurant is "must-visit." Every major restaurant at WDW is probably in at least a dozen of her videos and she often gets repetitive. It's funny that people (like me) do seem to get addicted to her videos, especially with this quarantine, and many of us are now ridiculously over-prepared to visit Disney World.

    --As I've heard AJ say dozens of times, "Let us know what you think in the comments below."
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    if you'd rather read than watch videos, here is a link to the DFB website--it might be a good place to go in addition to AllEars, which has Disney restaurant menus:


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      I really like the DFBGuide videos, my biggest complaint is that they do get a little repetitive, especially now with the parks closed. As for the "not a healthy eater" complaint, it's really hard to make that judgement. First, AJ makes is sound like she personally tries all these food, but the channel is more then just her so others are probably sharing the eating duties. We also don't know if they always eat an entire desert, they may just be trying some things and not finishing them. We are also only seeing what she/they are eating when in the parks. AJ lives in Texas so she isn't going to the parks and eating that way ever day.


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        sub'd done


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          Ive discovered a few of her videos. I do like them.

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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