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  • NEW PRACTICE-The future of theme parks

    So LEGOLAND Florida Resort has said they are reopening June 1. While looking through, I noticed an interesting statement that I have not seen mentioned anywhere else. Here is an excerpt:
    "Extra-Super-Safety Checks Required:
    • Non-invasive temperature checks are required for all guests, including children, and Model Citizens (employees) before entering the park
    • Families or parties that include persons with an elevated temperature (at 100.4º F or above) will not be admitted
    • Height checks for all of our rides and attractions will be conducted at the Front Gate and kids with some room still to grow will receive a wristband to indicate which rides they are eligible to ride."
    I'm not quite sure how they will go about doing height checks that way, but it is interesting. I wonder if we will see this at the other Florida parks implement at-the-front-gate height checks as well.

    Referenced their site:
    The Never Spoken Dedication at the Opening of Pixar Pier:

    The world you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to California—not a place on a map, but a
    state of mind that exists whenever people seek nostalgia and wonder and imagine, a place where the original California Adventure vision and atmosphere are brought back to life by Pixar's vibrant color palette. We invite you to travel to a bygone era of the early 2000s at California Adventure and explore a land that never was, and always will be.
    -(Maybe) Paul Chapek

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    My worry is what if its a hot day already and you've walked from your hotel or parking lot? What's that going to do with your temp? What about false readings? Is the check one and done? If I'm not allowed in the park is my ticket and or vacation refunded? What a can of worms!
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