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Has anyone cancelled a paid-in-full annual passport?


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  • Has anyone cancelled a paid-in-full annual passport?

    I've read some comments from people who said they were told they wouldn't find out the amount of the refund until it was processed, and at that point they couldn't change their minds.
    I'm wondering if anyone has actually cancelled, and did you get the refund amount you expected?

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    It all depends not only on what kind of passport it is, but also on the region in which you made it. Personally, I don't like that each country has its own color, although it should be so. If you are interested in what the passport is configured for and what colors it has, you can find out all this on various forums and websites. To be honest, I know one site where they can explain to you how passports are made and what flowers are used to create passports. To be honest, I was shocked.

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