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Disney World is not safe. A TR I found on reddit.


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  • Disney World is not safe. A TR I found on reddit.

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    Thanks for sharing that, Zanadros.


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      Cancelled my January trip yesterday for this very reason. People suck.
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        people will always suck, pandemic or not


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          Originally posted by ANadventureTime View Post
          people will always suck, pandemic or not
          Yeah! No discipline...just so sad. ...


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            Yes people do suck.
            However I was just at Disneyworld two weeks ago and for the most part people did follow the rules. Out of the thousands of people I only saw about 6 who did not follow the rules, and it was mostly people in the queue who for some reason cannot stand on their line.


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              Lots of Holiday commercials are popping up now for Disney World. People wearing masks and enjoying Disney World surrounded by Holiday decorations. Hasn't actually happened yet, of course, but enticing none the less. I am sure the Disney Company is losing lots of money for the cancelled Halloween events, but they are trying their best to make Christmas as festive as possible. I have a hard time wearing my mask as I shop for my groceries, I can't imagine walking around in the Florida humidity. Even with advertised discounts, WDW is expensive. I'm saving up for a vacation sometime in the future, when the parks are back to normal, and all the extras are back in full swing. The fireworks, parades, and character interactions. I am 73, so my time may never come, since my mobility decreases each and every year. Each and every day actually. For those that go, make you enjoy yourself. I hope you feel you have gotten your money's worth. After all magic is not a monetary thing at all, is it.


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                Yeah as really Disney company as they do not have the money to pay their employees. Having to lay them off. Just another letdown on those people.


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                  Originally posted by OloZatus View Post
                  Yes people do suck.
                  However I was just at Disneyworld two weeks ago and for the most part people did follow the rules. Out of the thousands of people I only saw about 6 who did not follow the rules, and it was mostly people in the queue who for some reason cannot stand on their line.
                  This is a good point. What one person experiences based on their attitude can seem very different from another. For a situation like this, we really need actual infection numbers.
                  St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

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                    I posted this in DLR thread but for those watching this thread here it is.

                    Just got back from a 7 night trip 5 days in the park. We planned on going for a while now so our flight was super cheap on Southwest and booked a car and hotel through "Express Deals" on Priceline in the middle of last month. We scored the Swan for 115 a night. I can't express the feeling we had being there it was so nice. Having popcorn whole listening to the music on Main Street going on things we love. A quick over view of what we did.

                    We slept in Monday but accomplished a lot for a rainy day in Animal Kingdom. We entered at 12:30

                    MON- Animal Kingdom 9am-5pm, Flight of Passage, Kilamanjaro Safari, lunch at Yak and Yeti, River Na'vi, Flight of Passage

                    Did our best to rope drop Magic Kingdom but got in at 9:15

                    TUE- Magic Kingdom 9-6 Seven Drawfs, Space Mountain, burger at cosmic Ray's, Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents, Big Thunder, Peter Pan, snack at village Haus, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Seven Drawfs.

                    For EPCOT we took a lazy go at our own pace day. Since it was a Wednesday we figured it would be lite crowds and it was.

                    WED- EPCOT 11-7 Walked over from the Swan at noon. Did Test Track, ate at Flavors of Fire, Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Soaring, Figment, Ate at Hawaii before working our way around world showcase. Snacked and drank at, America, Germany,China, then rode Three Caberlleros, finished off with Frozen Ever After and a sloooow stroll out and back to the Swan.

                    For our second visit to Animal Kingdom we woke up earlier but not too drop.

                    THUR Animal Kingdom 9-5 got in at 10:15. Rode Everest two times then Dinosaur, ate at Flaming BBQ, River Na'vi, Flight of Passage, Kilamanjaro Safari, Ate at Yak and Yeti (love this place) Everest, River Na'vi, Flight of Passage.

                    For Hollywood Studios we definitely had a plan of getting in very early and it paid off.

                    FRI Disney Hollywood Studios 10-7. Walked over from Swan At 8:30. They let us in at 9:05 and we briskly walked to Mickey and Minnie Runaway rail they started running it at that time we had NO WAIT! Headed to Slinky and got off that at 9:57 to secure our spot for a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. Wife got boarding group 2! We headed headed next. Got off Rise at 10:30 is. We decided to grab a Starbucks and chill after that morning lol We then head on Tower of Terror before our reservation at Sci-Fi drive in. After that we decided to head back to the room VIA Disney Skyliner which dropped us off at EPCOT. We drive back over to Hollywood Studios to knock out Aerosmith, Star Tours snack, Slinky, and Buzzer beat another ride on Mickey and Minnie's.

                    So for my wife and I we had a blast and don't regret anything about this past week. Now we're at home for two weeks where we'll quarantine since we both work at home and have a grocery delivery set up for today.

                    A couple of things we did too help protect us from the virus. Rented a car (no Uber,Lyft,or buses) Sanatize after each attraction which Disney provided. Then we also went and washed our hands at the nearest restroom. We had a different mask for each day. Didn't touch handrails at all. Denied taking pictures for people who asked. If you go DO NOT GO ON A WEEKEND. Friday night at the Swan was very busy. Yesterday morning there were people everywhere at the Swan as we were walking out of the resort.

                    Final observations about guests. We saw 99% mask follow through. Most people figured out how use the line markers for line social distancing. CMs reminded guests about policies consistently.

                    So we had a blast and wouldn't want to tell anyone to go it's a choice you have to make and base it off your own health and situation. We're able to quarantine while working and are not high at risk for the virus. Told our family they won't see us for 2 weeks lol sorry for the long post hope you enjoyed.
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