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Requesting help with photos from Disney World taken in November of the year 1996


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  • Requesting help with photos from Disney World taken in November of the year 1996


    I recently posted a thread in the Disneyland forum asking for help on identifying various locations, buildings etc at Disneyland in Anaheim. I got very good responses and I thought I'd ask for your help once again but this time with Disney World in Orlando. These are from my trip to Florida in November of 1999. I've identified over 100 photos on my own but these I can't figure out and asking for your help. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the camera I had at the time so some photos look terrible, but I had to include some of them anyway in case it's possible to identify them and I can build a better timeline of where all I was at on the trip.

    Anyway, here are my specific questions:

    Epcot pics:

    Pic 1:
    I'd like to know where specifically the photo of this fleur-de-lis might have been photographed from.

    Pic 2:
    Pic 3:
    Pic 4:
    Pic 5:
    These awful looking photos are right after the Epcot photos so presumably they were taken while leaving Epcot. Is it possible to tell what they are of, and also what transportation they were taken from (boat, monorail etc)?

    Disney-MGM Studios pics:

    Pic 6:
    Pic 7:
    Pic 8:
    Pic 9:
    This was taken on the way to MGM Studios and I want to know the approximate coordinates on Google Maps. I've looked all over for those Disney World and MGM Studios (Hollywood Studios) gateways but I just cannot find them.

    Pic 10:
    Pic 11:
    Pic 12:
    WCW Pro Wrestling game that I believe was on November 13, 1996. I know the first photo says November 12 but I think the time is one day behind. I would like to know in which building this was in and who the wrestlers are (someone suggested the one in blue trunks is Alex Wright).

    Pic 13:
    I think it's from MGM Studios but I have no clue what it is (maybe some kind of ride?). Sorry for the awful photo.

    Pic 14:
    Pic 15:
    Pic 16:
    Pic 17:
    Pic 18:
    Pic 19:
    Pic 20:
    Pic 21:
    Pic 22:
    The first four are of Christmas decorations on Residential Street during the Backlot Studio Tour. I would like to know which houses they are. The rest (pic 14 through 18) I don't know if they are also seen from the tram ride or taken around the park? Pic 18 is of an elephant which I have no idea what that would be doing at MGM Studios??

    The Magic Kingdom pics:

    Pic 23:
    One of the trains from the Walt Disney World Railroad. Is someone able to tell where at the photo was taken and which one of the locomotives that is?

    Pic 24:
    Some ride with blue seats. Seats look rather wide? Is it possible to tell which ride this is from? I thought the blue seats looked like Space Mountain but after comparing with photos online I'm not so sure.

    Pic 25:
    Despite the bad photo, is it possible to tell where in the park this was photographed?

    Pic 26:
    Despite the bad photo, is it possible to tell where in the park this was photographed?

    Mystery photos:

    Pic 27:
    Where would this shot of Disney's Contemporary Resort most probably be photographed from? The pictures that came right after are from Epcot.

    Pic 28:
    Any idea of where this was photographed, and what fireworks show it may be of? Don't mind the Contemporary Resort in the upper part of the photo, it's superimposed from the previous photo and don't belong in there. I'm prety sure it's somewhere in Epcot and of a fireworks show over the World Showcase Lagoon? The photos are from November 16, 1996 and according to this World Update pamphlet the only fireworks that were going on that date at Epcot was Holiday IllumiNations (at 9pm) and I do have photos from that fireworks show later in from the same film roll, so this must be something else since they only did one show per night? I know the photos are in sequential order because I scanned them from the negatives and between this mystery fireworks show and the Holiday IllumiNations, there are photos from the InnoVentions pavilion.

    Thank you so much for any help!

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    1) International Gateway seen from the France Pavilion
    2) France Pavilion seen from International Gateway
    3) Grand Floridian
    4) Magic Kingdom Cake Castle seen from across the lagoon
    6) I-4 West, directly at the 192/World drive exit
    7) Entering WDW from said exit
    8) Same
    9) Entering Disney-MGM Studios from World Drive

    10, 11, 12 - there were 2 soundstage at MGM at the time, you'd have to determine thru research which one they were using to shoot this show.
    14 - 22 - MGM Studios Backlot Tour. I can't recall which film the elephant was promoting, but that's what it's doing there. Operation Dumbo Drop?

    23) Taken from the MK Monorail station, train heading from Main St to Adventureland
    24) Delta Dreamflight
    25) outside the Splash Mountain restrooms
    26) in Tour Guide Garden south of City Hall
    27) from ferryboat on Seven Seas Lagoon

    28) that is Magic Kingdom in the background, the blue blur on the right is the central spire of the Astro Orbiter. They appear to be in the vicinity of the Contemporary but I don't recognize the actual location.


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