Today's update. . .
. . . mentioned that Disney World might replace having extra morning time at different parks on different days
with letting all Disney World hotel guests get into all of the parks 30 minutes each day.

I LOVE this because it'll make my planning easier.

What I've been doing for decades is finding out which parks open early and then planning the trip to avoid the early-opening parks
because they were more crowded in the afternoons & evenings, and we only visit one park per day.

Now if I have to make restaurant reservations 6 months in advance (WHICH I HATE), I at least won't try & figure out which parks open early on different days & then hope the early opening schedule doesn't change in the months before our trip.

Of course, if WDW still has individual parks open late at night on different days (NOOOO! {Please, no!}), I'll still plan restaurant & FastPass reservations to avoid the more crowded parks.