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  • [Idea] Tomorrowland Revamp

    Disney needs to cut back on the IPs, especially in Epcot. Remember when Tomorrowland was the city of tomorrow and filled with original characters? I'm gonna apply for the Disney College Program, and if I end up becoming an Imagineer (or the Creative Director, even, since I'm writing scripts for movies), I'm pitching this idea to them.

    Tomorrowland is a technologically advanced city of the future transported into the past (i.e. right now) by Technocrats (portmanteau of Techno and Bureaucrat) in order to escape from a space villain named Imperius. Imperius is a being made of malevolent energy who wants to sap all life from Tomorrowland and use it to power himself so he can take over the galaxy. The Technocrats are Imperius' greatest enemy, as they have a special weapon called the Energy Barrier, which prevents energy beings like Imperius from getting through. It comes in portable and non-portable versions, and you can do tricks with it like shooting lasers full of anti-energy, that can harm the beings. But Imperius is not alone - he has a whole boatload of minions called the Imperials, who he has sent back in time along with the Technocrats, and they are hiding in plain sight. You can battle the Imperials in a AR game similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, except played on phones. It will be made by Sega.

    X-S Tech is one of the many companies working in Tomorrowland, doing good things for the galaxy despite their intimidating appearance, and they invented TOM 2000, the Technobotic Oratorical Mechanism, to sell their products to less fortunate planets. TOM 2000 was given the ability to think and feel for himself, and he thought robots were being continuously oppressed by humans and aliens alike, not given rights, always treated like dirt. So he became a reverend, preaching robot rights and leading a group of robots who felt used by society (including Sonny Eclipse, Alec Tronic, Timekeeper, and others) to rebel against the corrupt President of Tomorrowland, Solstice Xavier, who didn't give robots rights out of racism. They end up succeeding, and the President is replaced with a kinder one, Equinox Geneva. Geneva was raised by a robot family, so she has experience communicating with robots and wants nothing more than them to be equal to humans and aliens. X-S Tech promotes TOM 2000 to head salesman of the company. TOM 2000's greatest enemy is S.I.R. (Simulated Intelligence Robotics), a rogue robot model made by X-S Tech who abuses test subjects in demonstrations and has sinister motives, planning to overthrow TOM 2000 as head of salesman so he can start a revolt of robots. More about TOM 2000's adventures can be seen in an ongoing Disney+ series.

    Now, onto the rides!
    Space Mountain - Themed to Tomorrowland's intergalactic mountain range, this fresh new take on an old classic will entertain kids and adults alike.
    If You Had Wings - A new spin on one of the opening day attractions, If You Had Wings is now sponsored by JetBlue. Enjoy scenic views of places that you could reach if you had wings, and learn about the history of flight up until the present day, when space is the new destination. And don't forget that iconic song!
    The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter - A teleportation demonstration at the Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center goes awry, and an angry alien is released onto an audience of humans! Along the way, you will learn more about X-S Tech, and meet TOM 2000, who has a pivotal role in Tomorrowland. 13+. There is a height requirement too. Anyone who is caught trying to take a child under 13 into the ride will be denied entry.
    Digital Dimension - Experience a world made of digital data, where computer files compose an empire. Join AI warrior Virtua as she defends the dimension against evil computer virus Atax.
    The Timekeeper - Take a ride through time in this CircleVision film hosted by a mad scientist robot and his nine-eyed companion.
    Astro Orbiter - Themed to the vehicles Tomorrowland uses to travel, little kids will adore these miniature rocket ships they can pilot on their very own!
    Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress - Experience what life was like in the past and present, and possibly future.
    Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover - Take a relaxing ride through the Tomorrowland high-rises on a futuristic tour bus.
    Tomorrowland Speedway - Little ones can ride in their own custom cruiser across Tomorrowland's high-tech race track.

    The restaurants...
    The Lunching Pad - Snacks, such as smoked turkey legs.
    Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies - Light snacks, and don't forget fruit juice.
    Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café - Meals like cheeseburgers, rotisserie chicken, soups, and sandwiches. Also home to the infamous dipped chicken strips.
    Cool Ship - Beverages like soda.
    The Plaza Pavilion - Pizza and salad.

    And the shops...
    Merchant of Venus - The gift shop at the end of Alien Encounter. Has a variety of Alien Encounter, Miles from Tomorrowland, Star Wars, Lilo & Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, and Commander Crush merchandise, as well as Mickey and friends in space merchandise.
    Cyber Chamber - The gift shop at the end of Digital Dimension. Purchase park-exclusive action figures of Virtua and Atax here, as well as a replica of the legendary Sword of Atax.

    And a few other oddities...
    Tomorrowland Light and Power Station - Arcade games.
    Galaxy Palace Theater and Tomorrowland Stage - Just places where you can watch shows.

    Did you like it? Tell me what you thought in the replies!

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    Hi Mary,
    I hope you have great success on your goal of becoming an imagineer. As you develop your ideas I think you need to understand what the values and goals of the company you work for are. If those values and goals don't align with yours, you will not have success. In saying that, the Walt Disney Company seems to be wanting to use more IP in their parks and you would best be served, especially as someone trying to break in, to follow that model. Non-IP concepts could be pitched at a later date when you had more credibility. Disney also likes to get a lot of bang for their buck when it comes to rides. A updated concept for Space Mountain or Carousel of Progress for example, would be where I would focus. The space mountain range is unlikely because it will cost too much money and the ride is supposed to be for most age groups anyway. Alien encounter and Timekeeper were unsuccessful and will not be brought back. Furthermore, grand back stories would only be enjoyable for hard core Disney fans and would not be understood by the majority of visitors. I would maybe focus on ideation for single rides, such as an update of an old ride, or new ride for an unused area, such as the unused Alien Encounter area, that fits the theme of the area. These would actually be ideas that could be used, rather than grand scale changes. Furthermore, there are strategies and information on how to become more creative, something that an imagineer job would require. Part of that strategy involves background knowledge that can be applied to other concepts. I would encourage you to broaden your knowledge in areas that you enjoy and think would be applicable to the role of an imagineer. That's my two cents. Hopefully I have not discouraged you, as I am just trying to give advice to help you improve.


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      Originally posted by Disnedude View Post
      Alien encounter and Timekeeper were unsuccessful and will not be brought back.
      Yeah, AE was only unsuccessful because of soccer moms (Karens) who thought it was "too scary." Alot of people loved them. It's not the money that matters, it's the heart that's put into it.


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        Hi Mary,

        I noticed your reply in my notifications. How is your quest to become an imagineer going? I hope you are developing new skills and persevering towards your goal.


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          Great ideas! I would love to see a revamp of Tomorrowland. As much as I love Carousel of Progress, it is seriously outdated at this point.
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