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WDW now behind Universal Orlando in reaching $15 an hour


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  • WDW now behind Universal Orlando in reaching $15 an hour

    Disney is so close behind that the headline with this story qualifies as clickbait in my opinion, but I'm glad to see Universal competing this way.

    From the article linked below this quote:

    "Rival Disney (NYSE: DIS) is getting there. Three summers ago Disney World reached a deal with a half-dozen unions representing the lion's share of the resort's employees. Disney was starting new employees at just $10 an hour at the time, but the agreement has the House of Mouse scaling higher until the new hourly minimum rate for non-tipped "cast members" goes from $14 to $15 in October."

    Still, good move Universal!
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    Good for Universal and Disney. This article really sheds light on how competition makes things better for everyone (i.e. Sea World now needs to increase wages to compete with other Central Florida theme parks).

    I hope a lot of people see this, as there are lots of corporate Disney bashers on this forum (I'm one of them), but this is really positive news from the company.
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      I like the move!
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