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Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Pricing Revealed


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    I can see spending the money on this if :
    1. I win the lottery or
    2. I get diagnosed with terminal cancer

    (and I don't play the lottery, so....)
    L + L = R


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      It's official, Disney has priced me out. This is the worst "cash grab" I've seen from Disney so far.
      My wife is the rebel spy.


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        I liked the genuinely nearly horrified reaction to the price at 24 minute into this Youtube video:


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          Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

          Exactly. And now it's up to the Chapek regime to deliver on the hype. But when has the Chapek regime done anything other than cut back on what its hype promised?

          From the budget-slashing of Star Wars Land to the cheaptastic cheapout of DLR's Avengers Campus, his management style and that of his team is all about maximizing profits by maximizing the price and minimizing the product.
          Contrasting this Star Wars Hotel with Universal Orlando's moderately priced but excellently themed Cabana Bay Resort says a lot about the leaders of these companies. Go Universal!


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            My head feels like spinning in 360 degrees. It's too pricy and I don't know if it will be worth it.


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              Originally posted by mightyduck View Post
              My head feels like spinning in 360 degrees. . .
              Then I suggest Universal's Horror Nights because The Exorcist maze will return this year.
              Maybe wear a Small World doll T-shirt, so you and Regan can celebrate both Mary & Linda Blair as your heads spin together!


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                How about this as an alternative: $1,000 for four days at the most North Korea-like place in the world outside of North Korea. It's one of the least visited places on earth & sounds a LOT more interesting than that $4,800 to $6,000, 2 night Star Wars hotel experience at Disney World. I got to visit Russia back when it was in the USSR & that was pretty mind blowing -- this could be like that.


                And this one is about the country it's in:


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