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Boma is re-opening on Aug. 20 & Genie+ will make it even better!


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  • Boma is re-opening on Aug. 20 & Genie+ will make it even better!

    Parody of how Genie+ & Lightning Lane will change how we'll experience attractions

    Great news! Boma is re-opening for you on August 20 and will be better than ever! We at Disney have heard what our guests are telling us and they no longer want to wait in long lines to get individual items at buffets. So you'll soon be able to enter into your smart phone what food items you want most into Genie+ and we'll do the thinking for you! Do you like carbs? Then expect a magical seaweed pancake or some fresh pumpkin spice french toast to appear on your family-style platter! Prefer protein, well get ready for some octopus and spicy chicken wings on your plate!

    For guests who don't want to wait for their favorite items, there will be two tiers of our finest foods you'll be able to access more easily! And with Lightning Lane (only $10 per person!), they'll be able to go right up to the counter and select from some of over a dozen of our nearly most popular items. But what if you REALLY want Zebra Domes? If this is what you really desire and you want it now, you'll be able to simply go to Genie+ and tell our magical food delivery fairies that this is what you desire and for just $6 per item we'll make your culinary dreams come true! We've been listening and we know that this is what you want without all the waiting for individual buffet items, free parking at resorts, free airport transportation, and confusing new e-ticket attractions at each park every year. TTFN!
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