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Magic Kingdom Fireworks on Weekdays?


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  • Magic Kingdom Fireworks on Weekdays?

    HEY ALL!

    You guys are such great resources.... I have a trip planned mid-Nov where I'm supposed to be in Magic Kingdom Park on a Monday. Do you know if the fireworks are being launched for the nighttime show then or if it's only projections because it's technically a weekday? Thank you!

    - Kyle

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    For Magic Kingdom, fireworks tend to go every night, but the times change slightly with the seasons. It's best to refer to the app regarding schedules, but I think you should be good!


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      Fireworks are every day. I think Disney did away with the weekday/weeknight thing a long time ago. If anything, your biggest threat would be rainy weather.

      WDW doesn't do projection-only shows AFAIK. That's a Disneyland thing to guard against the high Santa Ana winds problem. The projection component is nice so that at least you get SOME show. Magic Kingdom will either have a show or not have one. They don't care about winds either because there's nothing around them. It's funny to watch them drift as they go off and amazing to see how high they can shoot them, two things you won't see in Anaheim due to the neighborhood.


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