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New years eve at Disney World.


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  • New years eve at Disney World.

    My family is going to spend new years eve in Orlando. This is our first trip. Does anyone know of any new years eve events that are taking place in the parks? Or around the city. Thanks

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    I have done NYE at WDW a few times. The special NYE fireworks happen at Magic Kingdom on both Dec 30 AND 31, although on the 31, you get the countdown tag. Epcot does NYE fireworks on the 31 only. If you're in the parks both days, the obvious move is to do MK on the 30 and Epcot on the 31 to see two different shows!

    Almost every WDW resort also has NYE events on resort, usually its in the form of arts/crafts + dance party. I can't recall, but I think some resorts do an early count down for parents who want to whisk the young ones to bed on time.

    A couple caveats - the parks are JAMMED. Even with the reservation system being a big help in reducing crowds, it's hard to maneuver because you have a lot of people just sitting around waiting for the shows. Also, getting around property is really hard, Ubers are hard to get, and it's just not a fun time overall. Epcot is a predictable drinking spot for locals and it does just get really hard to get even normal food because of the lines for drinks. We always try to stay at a property that is walkable to the park we want to be in on NYE to make thing easy.

    I have never done Disney Springs, but I've heard it's a little chaotic too. I have no idea about elsewhere in the Orlando area.

    If you do intend to be on property for NYE, I highly recommend getting dining reservations as soon as they open up or you will have a bad time with food. Normally there's an "off-peak" eating window where you can avoid crowds, but that just doesn't exist on NYE. The good thing is almost all the restaurants stick to their normal menus, so you never have to worry about special NYE rip-off up-charge menus.


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