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River country sad pics.


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  • River country sad pics.

    Hello all. I have been reading the posts for a while and thought i would share some sad pics of River country slowly being swallowed by bay lake. I got these pics after a sleepless night of wandering. Path after path and a lot of woods brought me to a light to what i think was the cast rest area for river country (the back side) It looked as if it was just walked away from to be swallowed by the florida landscape. So my curiosity got the better of me and i wanted to see what the park that i and my family loved to go to, had turned into. So i made my way in. It was a very sad sight indeed. I did find a sign/posting board half buried. it was used to tell times and events of the goings on in the park. To me this is a part of disney history that i could just not let get lost back to the land. after some time of restoring it all the charecters names and the river country logo all came back to life 100%. I do not have a pic of this large sign but if anyone would like to see it just post here and i will put it up. So i will stop rambaling on now just follow the link and i hope every one likes the pics. River country

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      Total bummer, dude. Thanks for the photos, though. Very sad.


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          Welcome to the forums. Wish I could wish you a happier welcome but the pix made me sad Thanx for sharing them with us though.
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            Wow, that is just creepy!

            Thanks for sharing, and welcome!



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              Thank you for showing us these photos.. since disney announced last month they closed the park officially.......

              (oh and how did you get past the security... due to you were technically tresspassing on their privot property.... but let's ignore this..)


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                Figment, I had the same question as I scrolled down the page, then I saw your note. Diesel, did you at any time walk past any signage that stated you were in a cast members only area. Did you have to open any closed door marked as such, or go past any other type of sign that most people would undetstand to mean that they were not to be there? The reasn why I ask is because when RC was still open, I scouted out some possible photo angles on the lake for a triathlon I shot ( or for some interesting monorail/triathlete photos, go here: The idea was to look at vantage points with the Cont. Resort in the background. I rode my mountainbike from Wilderness Lodge's far right side beach along the shoreline, knowing eventually I would get to either a fence or RC. I found an dirt access road that ran next to the lake and followed it. I wound up at the far left side of River County, and very obviously in a place I should not have been, but never once, from where I started did I see a sign. Security caught up to me while on my backtracking portion heading towards WL. They could not believe that I had not passed any signs, we followed my tracks back to the start and sure enough (as I knew I was correct) I had not passed one "off limits" type of sign. They told me that I sure have known what I was doing was wrong, but I told them that in places where Disney does not want you to be, they have signs stating so. They understood my thinking and that I had a point (not the first one to make it though) and they let me go. Now, I was doing this totally in the daylight. I would love to see how far you could go in the same conditions. That is not a challenge, just a question. Disney security, as lame at it is sometimes, at least at WDW, is always out in force, and take it from me, just because a man has facial hair, does not mean he does not get a check from Disney.

                Now that I have typed all this, I need to go fill out my profile and such. I have loved MiceAge since I found it several years ago, and only due to sheer laziness have I not signed up for MC faster. I have a bunch to say, but right now, I have to edit some photos from a press conference I just attended.


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                  Ok. So some have questions. Just for the record i was not looking for river country at all. Their was never at any time a sign,door,gate,fence or anthing else. Their was not even a security person. I even went back to my camper to get my camera and went back (on the same paths) because i could not believe that u could walk right in. Later on that same night i went to the front side of river country to shoot some pictures of the water tower. Now there was a gate in front of this. It was here that a security person came up on me. But never asked once any type of questions at all. As a matter of fact we had an hour conversation on some of the history he new of river country. I was told it was closed because it was falling apart and disney did not want to put the money back into it to bring it back. I asked if he knew of any plans for the site and was told for the time being that their was not.(as far as he new) Not even plans for the near future of tearing it down. I even mentiond the fact that on the back side you could walk right in. He said they were aware of it and told me that from time to time they have to chace some kids out. He also told me that 99.9% of people have no idea the paths are their and it is such a long walk in that their was not much concern on their part. So private property or not private property, u decide. i was just not going to pass up this chance to get a last look before it is gone forever


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                    Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe you had the guts to wander around an abandoned water park at night... CREEPY!!


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